A Story in the Dark

A Story in the Dark

A Story by Seraph Trend



I awoke.


in those moments, of which I  descended from the palaces of the sandman, i hung momentarily materializing in this world into a horizontal position. the taste in my mouth was that of nickels and dimes.


my eyes were still shut when i came into cognition. the floor was hard and cold, dry and brute. my eyes opened but nothing was visible. a darkness as solid as the floor, yet it felt like a black blanket covering me heavily, surrounding me, enveloping my entirety. the darkness made it seem as if something was before my eyes at all times.


'were... am i...', i thought to myself. my head pounded furiously as i lay there on the ground. the noise in my mind was to loud to form any kind of image that didn't involve pain.


i struggled to stand, my legs weak, like a foundation trembling from the weight it carries. leaning forward to take a step my legs fail to respond to the command coming from my pounding head. i crashed to the ground. it welcomed me with the least of tenderness. punishing me for interrupting its stillness the ground broke me as i fell.


my scream came out from the bottom of my soul. when i was done i was amazed at the sound of agony in my voice. Silence was creeping immediately after. The inside of my ears began to tickle with contractions. i could hear the muffled shuffle of distant feet. suddenly i wished for solitude. fear began to swell in me like a sponge soaking up blood spilled over the floor.


i reached out in front of me with fingers stretched attempting to penetrate the unforgiving darkness. leaning forward with my body farther than i could reach. my hand was thwarted by an unseen barrier. my finger folded in an unnatural way from the weight behind it. and then as if being suddenly struck in the face the lights came on revealing the barrier in front of me.


It was a wall of glass. Obscure and impenetrable, I was unable to look into the murky room with my hazy vision.


          The sound of feet shuffling could be heard approaching from the other side of the glass. Fear arose in me like a lover reaching for its beloved without care of the mass in between them. the sound flooded my ears and drowned the pain in my head. i shielded my eyes to protect them from the light and watched in horror and anticipation.


The glass was then flooded by a multitude of silhouetted bodies pressing their hands against the barrier. So many that they blotted out the light and brought the darkness once again. I felt faint with fear. Flashes of pain captured the breath from my lungs. Then my face met the floor.


I slept.

© 2010 Seraph Trend

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Wish I could write like that, what a wonderful way with words you have. Thanks again for sharing these writings, really enjoyed the change of venue this evening, it's been very refreshing. Now the detective in me is on the way to that other land below, the dimension when walking between two worlds, that place being newly discovered at the point where the end and the begginning meet every twenty five thousand two hundred and fifty years. As above, so below.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a good piece of work. I love all the description, it feels very real.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Seraph Trend
Seraph Trend

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A Story by Seraph Trend