Life's concrete ressume/ Life is just the beginning

Life's concrete ressume/ Life is just the beginning

A Story by Serenedy

This is not the kind of ressume you can lie on; God is your ultimate boss, and he knows wether you're telling the truth or not.

This Story is going to talk about alot of things; all of them having the same point.
1. Obituary
2. Funeral
3. Ressume
I know it sounds morbid, but it won't once you let me explain. If you think about it; some of what you do and who you are gets put in an obituary when you die. The billions of people still alive today have a choice to make; we can choose what gets put on our obituary when we die. Here's how we can do that: give, love, learn, strive, build people up, encourage people, help people, sacrifice your time, money, effort, etc. If you actually took time to think about it, an obituary tells about how a person lived; it gives you a glimpse of their life and who they were. Ask yourself these questions: Do I want the person writing my obituary to be pulling words out of thin air without giving it much thought, or do I want that person to have to sit there for hours trying to come up with the words? Do I want to make it easy or hard for them to come up with the words for my obit.? How long do I want this obit. to be? A word?... A sentence?... A paragraph?... A whole page?... A novel? Do I want my life to inspire this person so much that they just can't stop writing? Keep on asking yourselves these questions uintil you find some solid answers and get yourself motivated enough to do something meanignful in your life.


Ask yourselves this question: How many people do you want to have at your funeral? You probably didn't realise this but, however many people that shows up is how many people that you have inspired, loved, and cared about. If no one shows up at your funeral and mourns your death, I would think that would mean you didn't live you life the fullest you could, and you never really reached out to anyone. Death inspires life. Everytime something like that happens, you are changed forever; it's like a permanent stain on your clothes that doesn't get washed out; you are changed permanently by what you go through every day.


The final step is the ressume. This is the most important ressume of your life, because it determines where you'll spend eternity. The only thing is that it's not like an ordinary ressume; you can't lie on it. God isn't an ordinary boss either; he knows your every thought even before you think it, he knows every action even before you do it, he knows your every heart beat, he knows everything about you. I'll tell ya what... It's alot easier to convince a regual human being of a lie than it is to convince God; if it wasn't easy, we wouldn't have so many scandelous people in politics! The point is, you are accountable for everything you do and everything you don't do on this earth. God holds a record of all of it in his big office called heaven. Just keep this in mind; life is just orientation day before the real hiring begins, life is just the boot camp before the real war, life is just the training ground before the real work begins,

Life is just the beginning!

© 2008 Serenedy

Author's Note

these are some strong philosophical points about life that people need to know about, and put into their daily lives. Live everyday as if tomorrow never existed.

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Added on April 9, 2008




I mostly write sayings and most of these sayings come directly from life experiance. Some come from questions I've had about something like comunication or life in general. I have a big heart. So big .. more..