A Poem by AchingAlexandra

Inspired when I was out for a walk .

Walking ,
with no destination ,
I'm going no where .

My legs move ,
making me go forward ,
but I'm not going anywhere .

My last step ,
is in my past ,
my future steps ,
are staying still .

I feel as though ,
I'm on a treadmill ,
when I'm walking outside .

I wander to a park ,
too many children ,
I continue to the bench ,
but I still go nowhere .

I wander through my life ,
like a lost traveler ,
and yet ,
I still go nowhere .

I will always go nowhere ,
For I am a wanderer ,
lost among the crowd .

I am a wanderer ,
forever to be lost in the crowd .

© 2011 AchingAlexandra

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well done. It flows well and I liked it a bunch.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Sometimes our moods bring a lack of purpose too all that we do; yet there is something to be said about appreciating the little things we come across and are able to observe and enjoy.
Your poem illustrates very well the hopeless feeling that comes from a loss of purpose...

Nice work...

Posted 13 Years Ago

Very well written. I have one thing that in my own view will make it flow more smoothly. You should change 'but I still go nowhere .' and 'I still go nowhere .' to But still, I go nowhere. And the other one Still I go nowhere. My own opinion its not a big deal or anything just the affect I guess. Good job on this poem though! Keep on writing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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