Here Comes Eventide

Here Comes Eventide

A Story by AchingAlexandra

     Her fangs dripped with the succulent red blood of corpse in front of her . Her heart raced , face flushing , eyes glowing with the beautiful amber of a feline's . Her third kill of the night and yet , her throat still burned with the lusty thirst she always enjoyed .
     "are you serious !? " came echoing from the main road along with footsteps that only she could hear .
     Here come numbers 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... and my lucky number seven . Eventide thought to herself . Within a second , her plan to catch all four was formed . She currently stood on the dead-end of an alleyway .
     Jumping half-way up the brick wall , she caught her nails in . No one would see her there with her raven-black hair , and leather outfit covering most of her petite 4 foot 11 height . Then . . . She screamed . She screamed as though she were being murdered . Automatically the voices became worried and they started rushing toward the opening . Staying perfectly still at least 20 feet in the air .
     The taller of the two men walk in

© 2011 AchingAlexandra

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Added on August 11, 2011
Last Updated on August 12, 2011




I'm a really nice person, but I have a lot of issues. I love writing, it helps ebb the regular pain I have. First name: Courtney Middle Name: Alexandra I'm purely myself. I don't change to fit.. more..