Omegly Story of how I met my future husband

Omegly Story of how I met my future husband

A Story by AchingAlexandra

Lol this actually happened . :P


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Question to discuss:
Who is your favorite pony? Mine is Scootaloo.

Stranger: mine is shut the f**k up

You: The one that is a unicorn and can fly

You: that's not very nice

Stranger: i know

Stranger: i sowwy

Stranger: ill never do it again

You: Awe *hugs* it's okay

Stranger: i have latourette on omegle

Stranger: ooo free hugs

You: lol

Stranger: (>^^)>

You: <(^-^<)

Stranger: yaaay

You: Will you by my friend (:

You: BE*'

You: be*

Stranger: <(^ ^)>

You: *

Stranger: sure thing

You: (>^-^)> <(^-^)> <(^-^<)

Stranger: haha:D

You: (L

You: (:*

Stranger: btw im yorick nice to meet you

You: I'm Lexxi

You: (:

Stranger: thats a name i haven't heard before

Stranger: its nice:D

You: And I haven't heard Yorick

You: Thank you . So is yours (:

Stranger: thx:)

Stranger: so what would you like to talk about?

You: Well , I'm sad cause my lollipop is gone

Stranger: then you must go to the candyshop:D

You: Lol . I'm legit

You: I was eating a legit lollipop

Stranger: haha

Stranger: i wasn't thinking anything else

Stranger: but now i am

Stranger: omg your mean

You: oh akward..

Stranger: so what kinds of music do you listen?


You: this . lol

Stranger: kk opening 2nd tab

Stranger: LOL

Stranger: are you rly listening that?

You: Yes . xD

You: Talk to my friend . I'll be back in a few

Stranger: surre

You: we're just cool like that :)

Stranger: your SUPER cool if you listen that:D

You: there's more


You: it's rather epic

Stranger: lols

You: i'm back .

You: And I love this song !! xD

Stranger: will you guys become my friends and learn me to be so cool

You: I thought I already asked you to be my friend


Stranger: also fun:D

Stranger: i sing it mostly when im out and see some old lady with a small dog

Stranger: they run then

You: that awesome

Stranger: well only did once actually

Stranger: but still

You: I was walking in quebec singing Celine Dion and had an old man give me a thumbs up

Stranger: yaaay

You: t'was funny

Stranger: i was once on the train and asked some guy sitting over me*hey do you know?*

Stranger: do you know about a certain ornotholigic fact?

Stranger: and then i began:D

You: lol

Stranger: good thing i needed to go off at the next stop

Stranger: people didn't get it on the train

You: lawls niice

Stranger: pfff my laptop is sooo slow

You: So your mom *cough*

You: So's*

Stranger: im downloading D&D

You: *facepalm*

Stranger: haha

You: You nerd .

You: xD

Stranger: well every now and then yes:)

You: haha

You: same :P

You: I was watching starwars last night

You: :P

Stranger: when i get a son i will have to convince my wife to call him Luke

Stranger: then i can say kggghhh luke im your father

You: I AM not I'm

You: Thank you very much

You: and it's Fatha

You: :P

Stranger: lol

Stranger: you are not what?

You: No It's " I am " not "I'm "


Stranger: BEST song evah!!!


Stranger: gonna listen my song first been ages i heard it^^

Stranger: im selfish :p

You: Mine is so much better

Stranger: putting it on now

You: good

Stranger: moo?

You: I love I am Cow

You: It's so funny

Stranger: its ok^^

You: haha i know most of the words

Stranger: i know all the words from the tetris song!

Stranger: the full 10hours

You: haha


Stranger: but only if your rly nerdy

Stranger: otherwise don't listen



Stranger: so dreamy in the midle

You: Alright , I'm in love with you now .

You: :P

Stranger: k lets mary then but i want a theme wedding!

You: hellz yeah !

Stranger: an anime theme perhaps?


You: I got too exited to spell it right .

Stranger: ill dres up as anything you want exept naruto


You: Be Inuyasha man

Stranger: and mugen can i be mugen plz let me be mugen

You: My maid of honour will be Yoshi


You: !

Stranger: you know samurai champloo?

You: Yes

Stranger: im in loveee

You: haha .

You: It's mutual .

You: :P

Stranger: well before i forget ill gief you my FB you can see what you do with it:D

You: Do it up


Stranger: theres you go


Stranger: ^

Stranger: FF7

You: Lol , next year my friend is going to go to belgium for a reay long exchange

You: I love that one !!

Stranger: cool:)

You: I added you on facbook

Stranger: accepted

Stranger: now i bet your checking my FB out^^

You: Maybe a bit :P

Stranger: don't run now you know how ugly i am haha

You: Pfft

Stranger: what pfft?

You: brb , talk to my buddy

Stranger: kk:)

You: i'm the maid of honour :)

Stranger: lol hi:D

Stranger: so your also an animefreak?^^

You: yess

Stranger: greats!!


Stranger: im so going to get trolled soon

You: aha idk

Stranger: LOL we have a song like that in hour langyage

Stranger: language

You: really? lol

Stranger: yeah i song it all the time at highshool

Stranger: loong ago

You: :O

Stranger: i even have a mastrubation song for when i go peeing i sing it rly loud then no other guy comes to stand next to me

You: lol

You: I know how old you are , but how old do you think I am ?

Stranger: 20?

Stranger: am i close?

You: lol nope .

You: I'll be 17 this december :P

Stranger: aaw:(

You: close enough

Stranger: lol lucky you still so much time before you need to go work

You: lol

You: I want to get a job I actually like :P

Stranger: like what?

Stranger: spaceman?

You: haha , tattoo artist :P

Stranger: spacewoman*

Stranger: well you can come put a tattoo on me then

Stranger: you should put a tattoo on your upperright leg of a shell

Stranger: and then say people if youput your left ear on it you can smell the sea

Stranger: kidding^^

You: >.>

Stranger: u mad?

You: no . explaining something

Stranger: oo i must not use 4chan crap*slaps myself*


Stranger: wicked

You: I'm so happy I might cry

Stranger: aaaw:D

Stranger: im just crying cause i had the sudden urge to peel onions

Stranger: nha thats no true

Stranger: who am i talking too now actually?

You: It's me . :O

Stranger: aaah YOU!

You: lol

You: I'm the wife

Stranger: yeah i get easily confused

Stranger: but i use my natural dr zoidberg charms to get out of those situations


Stranger: whoopwooopwoooopwoopwoopwooop

Stranger: i actually did run around with bended knees and hands in the aair

You: I've done it

Stranger: mmm i going for a smoke brake if you don't mind honey?

Stranger: o W8

Stranger: we aren't married yet

You: LOLOLOLOLOL I smoe too xD

You: smoke*

Stranger: k bouth go for a smoke then?

Stranger: or just say bb and dc?

You: Do you have msn ?

Stranger: yes i have:D

You: send it to me on fb

You: Now you are going to have the third person stalk you

Stranger: i can block him/her

You: lol

Stranger: i have your name on FB^^

Stranger: so i know your invite

You: lol

Stranger: added...i think

You: yeah , thats me

© 2011 AchingAlexandra

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I have to admit I don't have a clue what this all means--any of it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

thats cool. I love that site. I have met some cool and weird people on there lol.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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