Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Shane Williams

Chapter 4


The next day light shines into Matius’s bedroom he opens his eyes lazily in annoyance. As he’s looking up at the ceiling in a daze his mother enters his room looking at him. “Come on Matius it’s time”, tired he gets out of bed getting ready, putting his clothes on instantly. Ready he hears down, his mother waiting for him. She gives him a kiss before they both head outside. He heads into the market place, looking at all the stalls placed along the street. Many of the stallers notice Matius and feel pity for the young boy, his father gone to only knows where, a father he loved so much. Now in this market he feels so very small.


He passes many people trying to give out the best bargains, shouting in the alley. “Ahh I’ve just remembered that I need to get something for later”, his mother quickly heads back into the market place, seeing a demon with a slimy like skin cutting up strange meat. He raises his eyes seeing her approach him, “Hello mam what would you like today?” Sharpening up his knife, I’ve got freshly caught kalitas, Moxcus’s, ohhh! and some meat now on special offer!” “I’d just like 4 pounds of some rozanrol please”, she utters. “Coming right up!” he shouts, immediately bringing out raw fresh meat cutting them into slices. Getting bags his eyes shifts to Matius who remains quiet in silence. “Hey...isn’t that Matius?” He says curious packing the meat away. “Yes... he’s my son, he’s going to the recruitment center”. “Ahhha.. that’s a good lad!”, the staller encourages, “like father like son ehh?” 
  He suddenly loses his eagerness, remembering his disappearance. “I’m very sorry for what’s happened. Terrible thing to happen”.  Bravely looks at the stall owner, “it’s okay. It’s hard for me. But it’s harder for him, because he gave him inspiration”. The staller then wraps up the meat, “do you think he’ll come with it?” “He’s a good kid I think he will cope with it alright. so how’s things?” she asks watching him pack. The staller turns towards her. “Not good, I’m afraid our stock of food has been taking some hits”. “No way?”, she exclaims. “Yep it’s true. Some predator out there is killing our supply and killing our traders”. He looks at her eyes, “I tell you what...if the army don’t deal with the situation out there soon, we could lose our business”.


Bored of the conversation Matius sees a demon, wearing armour talking to young men, a large poster is behind him suggesting the recruitment place. Matius seeing this runs ahead over to the demon, his mother struggling to keep up. The demon finishing a conversation turns his attention to Matius with enthusiasm. “Ahh hell young boy, what’s your name?” Matius raises his head proudly, “Matius”. The demon nods, judging Matius’s body, lifting his head, feeling his body and upper body for muscle. As he’s doing this Matius’s mother arrives.
  Disappointed the demon rises up looking at his mother. “Is this your son?” he utters. ... “Not much of him is there?” His mother protestant replies, “No you don’t understand his father is Osaris”. The demon’s eyes widen, hearing these words. He moves his head back in apology. “I’m soo sorry, I never knew. Matius, son of Osaris I’d be honoured if you joined up”. Matius’s face smiles, his mother also smiling proud. The demon kneels down, “It will be in a month’s time”. The demon then takes out a leaflet from his back pocket handing it over to Matius. “Remember you must be on time otherwise you will have to come next month, you understand?” Matius looks at the leaflet excited before nodding to the demon. “That’s good, well Matius I will look forward to seeing you around”. Matius gives a wave before him and his mother head back home. 


Ivan knocks on Dervish’s door waiting patiently outside. Slowly Dervish’s dormitory door opens as Dervish peers his head through. “Ivan it’s a surprise to see you, what are you doing there?” Dervish questions confused. “I’ve come to talk to you” Ivan replies, “Father is worried about you. He explained that I need to look out for you” . Dervish moves away from the door, “He says something’s happening to you?”, Ivan mentions in confusion. Dervish looks towards Ivan somewhat smiling; slowly he pulls up his sleeve showing his blackened arm with crack marks. “Yer this power of mine. I don’t know what it means, but it’s a part of me”.
       Ivan looks at Dervish’s arm, as the crack seems to heal itself. “I was afraid at first, but I’ve come to realise it’s a gift passed down from Sousan”. Dervish exclaims in excitement, “This what it means to be his son!”. Ivan watches Dervish’s blackened arms it starts to return to normal,  “I’m not so sure...I’ve never seen father use it. ”, Ivan replies fixed at Dervish’s arm somewhat scared. “There is something else, you have to see this! I only discovered this recently”, Dervish replies in excitement heading towards his desk. “What is it?” Ivan replies, moving towards him in action with interest. Dervish picks up a pen from his desk, looking at it with intent, Dervish’s hands then start to blacken as it starts to affect the pen placed in his hand. The pen starts to blackens, falling apart in Dervish’s hand, pieces of the pen falling to the floor “Did you see that!”, Dervish replies proud of his achievement, “wasn’t that amazing?”. Ivan presses his finger into ashes of the past pen bewildered, “how on earth did you do that? I’ve never seen anything like it before”. Dervish pauses shrugging, “It would happen if I was dreaming, when I was afraid or scared. I guess it’s triggered when I feel scared, angry or afraid”. Ivan looks at the ash in Dervish’s hand before looking up to him seriously, “I think you should be careful with it, if your power can do that to a pen…Well same could happen to anything. If I were you I’d keep it secret. If people see it they might think of you as a freak”. Dervish looks at Ivan’s face lowering his face, “yes I guess you’re right. Alright Ivan I’ll keep it a secret between you and me”.


The next day Matius wakes up early in the morning with his mum heading to the Stalls, immediately Matius can make out a crowd of young people, a man clad in armour chatting to his colleagues. Matius runs up towards the crowd of excited young people. A soldier overwhelmed by volunteers’ laughs to himself. “Okay everyone please can you form in orderly fashion please?”.. Matius quickly gets into the que “What’s your name?” Matius raises his head. “Matius”, he announces. The clad man, turns the pages seeing Matius’s name. “okay it checks out”. Matius walks ahead with his mother waiting for him. As he approaches she kneels down, putting her hands on his face. “Be at your best behaviour Matius, please will you keep in touch with me?” Matius gives an encouraging nod..  “Osaris would be so proud” Matius gives a little smile putting his arms around her, “I love you mum” Matius muffles.

With his mother gone. Matius follows the demon leading the group. He walks along with the group as they head towards the royal palace, all the kids looking around their surroundings in awe. “Now we are heading through the palace gardens” The guide explains, as they pass a water fountain placed with several statues of past heroes, “Here we have monuments in memorial to some of our famous soldiers who have passed away”. Many of the groups stop to look at the statues in admiration. Matius glances at the statues then turns towards the demon while walking.
  “Excuse me but…how did you know my father?” Matius questions. The demon turns his head allowing Matius to walk with him,   “Your father? Why your father was a inspiration to people like me back then. He was a good man, kind with his words and always respected those below him”, he looks down at Matius with respect, “To know his blood running through your veins”. The demon gives a smile looking back ahead, “I expect good things from you Matius. If what they say like father like son”. Matius gives a smile of pride before walking through another part of the gardens.

  They now arrive at several green houses with several different exotic plants and flowers being grown. “This part of the gardens is where we produce our fruits, veg, and many plants which are used for medication and lotions”, the tourist announces as several of the group looking at curiosity at the range of flowers and plants. One of the gardeners nodding his head. One of the group notices another garden ahead with two greenhouses but it’s gated shut. “What does that garden over there produce?” the girl asks. The tour guide turns his head looking sternly, “That garden is used mainly for army purposes. Poisons, healing ointments, and regenerative creams are created there”. Matius looks towards that garden as they walk on towards an arch. ”Okay students that’s the tour of the gardens done. Now this where our of the palace grounds tour begin” As he walks inside everyone pauses in awe.

There is a huge hall with weapons and banners decorating the large hall walls with many decorative glass panels covering the ceiling. All around them soldiers clad in uniform and men dressed in robes walk in the massive hall deep in discussion or busy at work. As the group are looking  the tour leader starts to grow impatient. “Okay everyone there’s plenty of time for sight seeing later today. Right now I want you all here!”, “okay we’re here. Now before we carry on I need to explain some rules around here so please listen...”

The two sons of Sousan, Dervish and Ivan walk down the walkway deep in conversation, “It’s just strange but it’s an extension of myself . I feel like I can control it better now” Ivan looks towards Dervish weakly smiling. “That’s good to hear, just remember to try and keep it to yourself okay. We don’t want any accidents”. Dervish looks up in annoyance, “sure alright. You have told ne this before. Okay? You think I will lose control over it?”. Ivan looks at him in apology, “no of course not. I just don’t want anything to happen to you alright” . Ivan gives a smile before focusing his attention to the ground floor watching a group of people enter the palace hall.
  “What is it?” Dervish questions looking towards Ivan. “Just another tour of the palace” Ivan replies watching them in interest. He quickly turns his head towards Dervish enthusiastically, “hey Dervish do you think we should greet them?” two pale red eyes looking at Dervish’s still face. “They are of no concern to us”, Dervish answers looking down on the people, “I’m happy staying up here”. Ivan rolls his eyes in annoyance, “ohh come on, lighten up! It will do no harm to say hello”. Agitated rolls his eyes avoiding Ivan’s face, “Our father won’t be pleased” Dervish watches Ivan run down the walkway before submitting to Ivan’s childish ways.

© 2014 Shane Williams

Author's Note

Shane Williams
still in progress will be grammar problems

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