A Poem by Kat

 Why can't we just stop?
 This fighting is getting old
 Look i get it
 Mom you hate me
 I got it the second
 you hit me in the head
 and called me a mistake
 Stop blaming me
 its not my fault
 your marriage didn't work out
 Can't you see anything
 but my flaws?
 and then you wonder
 why i'm never around
 I can't stand it here
 are you trying to drive me to suicide 
 Like you did to dad?
 Stop treating me like dirt!
 Mom i'm not trying to be mean
 But already 3 years of this?
 Well it feels like 300 years in Hell
 Your so called "Home" for us
 is a prison for my soul
 You destroyed this family so much
 That its not even a family anymore
 My friends are my family
 They don't leave me
 to drown in my own tears
 Sure they didn't raise me
 but they did change me
 if it wasn't for them
 telling me i actually meant something
 I'd be dead
 because of you
 I got my low self-esteem
 from the insults
 I got thrown everyday
 in my face from you
 I got the ability to hate from you
 I lost my innocence 
 of violence from you 
 I lost my ability
 to see my own Dad from you
 You ruined my childhood
 You blame the consequence 
 of your own actions on Dad
 You know you could have saved him
 Wait no couldn't have
 because your'e so cold hearted
 You wouldn't have been able to comfort him
 instead you divorced him
 taking the easy way out
 Were you "Doing it for the best" ?
 or for the money?
 I hate you
 Mom you screwed everything up
 You don't know how many tears I've cried
 or how many scars I got
 just for your own benefit
 Stop playing the victim!
 because your the enemy
 The cause of my unbelievable anger
 My hatred
 My tears
 My scars
 Have you ever had a mother
 hate you so much
 that you get hurt
 instead of protected?
 Its sickening
 to think I ever even thought of looking up to you
 You look out for my worst
 instead of my best
 Maybe I should just run away
 I'd be happy
 and you probably wouldn't look for me
 Mom I hate you
 You officially lost all of my respect 
 If i even had any left 
 I hope your happier alone
 Your Daughter

© 2011 Kat

Author's Note

Sorry if you guys hate me bashing on my mom but i do hate her this doesn't even prove how much
shes planning on kicking my brother out if he be's mean to her so in other words shes black mailing him and shes supposed to protect us
and if or when she does kick him out
i'm running away
hes the last one i can relate to
i don't belong in this prison

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I can relate to this in many ways. :/ But I feel (sadly) in some ways it makes us stronger. Stay strong

Posted 11 Years Ago

I can't relate to your situation in exactly that way. My parents love me, but they have a weird way of showing it. They're the kind of parents that are never home and don't want to spend time with me when they are, and instead give me money to go amuse myself. Everyone kind of has a situation like this. I solved my problems by standing up to my parents. I suggest you do the same

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow this is really sad. I feel so bad that there are people like her that cause so much pain. *Sends big blue butterfly* It will get better eventually. For now, stay strong, keep writing, and stay happy because your friends here and in person all enjoy you. (and you are a very good writer so keep writing!)

Posted 11 Years Ago

awww! *hugs* i feel so bad. i can't tell you that ik how you feel cause i don't but i can tell you that you are special and what your mom's says doesn't matter. we all love you. and if she does kick your brother out i say you go with him. i mean if he is the only one you can relate to then go with him or stay with one of your friends. Anything is better than a mother who hurts you.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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no, United Kingdom

I can't say much I only live for my friends I love Bring Me The Horizon Anything else? Just ask me... I'm not that interesting I honestly want to die more..

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