A Chapter by Shay

 "What?" I blurt out.
 "I know it's a shock but please listen carefully. I can't be in here all day explaining it to you."
 I nodded waiting for him to explain. This small silence tugged at my nerves.
 "A man named Wyeth has orders to come here and get you. He is going to take you to a location in which I have arranged. You will be safe there. Do you understand."
 All I could do in that moment was nod. I understood but why help me? Was this guy really trying to help me?
 "Good, alright. Once you are there stay with Wyeth until I can meet you both there. I need to maintain my position here so if this fails keep my involvement quiet. Wyeth knows to take all the blame."
 "Alright." I didn't see how that was at all fair but regardless he seems to be telling the truth. Not one hint showed in his body language or voice to show that he wasn't. Even his heart rate seemed to be telling me that I should believe him.
 "Now, one more thing. It's about your father."
 I can feel tears instantly well up in my eyes. I need to stay strong. I need to keep myself steady.
"He is at the facility I was transferred from. I have trusted people in my place there to try and free him. Unfortunately that will be a little harder to manage. The facility there knows just how powerful your father is. They have more preparations for emergencies than the facility here. I give you my word we will be getting him out too." he said standing up to go.
 "Why are you helping us?"
  "I owe your father. With this I can pay back a debt."
 "What was it that my father did?"
 "Your father represents a demon known as Botis. He can shape-shift his form into one of a snake. Yet, he can also for-tel the future. He knows anything not yet happened as well as from the past. It is way more than just pure knowledge. He seems to be imbued with this almost sixth sense. Well, he for-told me something which happened to save my life."
 My father saved this man's life? So, my father is a demon? Is that what I am? I can't do any of that though. What the hell am I?
 "I have to go before anyone comes but hang in there alright. I'm sorry to dump all of this on you but I need you prepared. Expect Wyeth tonight."
 He leaves and I am alone to consider each of these thoughts. Should I really be trusting him? I guess I will for now. I have no other chances right now.
 The thought that I might get to be reunited with my father lets tears escape. At least no-one is here right now to see them. I might just get out of here. All I can do is wait.

 My room is a stagnant pitch black. Yet, as I wake the air doesn't feel the same. I already know why. I gained this trait at least.  I sense a figure in the center of the room.
 "Wyeth." I say softly.
 "Ah." he stands before me shining a small light.
 I stand beside him.
 "Either you are really perceptive or you can see in the dark?"
 "Neither, well, not the perceptive you are thinking of anyway."
 "Got it. So, let's go." his smirk showing in the dim light made him look like he was enjoying all of this; which, he probably was.
 Even though he looks completely calm walking out of my room down the hall I know he is on high alert. The expression on his face is just so relaxed. It gives me the impression he is pretty used to this sort of thing. I on the other hand am obviously not. I'm completely nervous. How can he be so calm? I just want to get out of here!
 I settle my nerves the best i can concentrating my senses on the surrounding area.
 "There are three security personnel located on this corridor. One to the right and two to the left."
 He turned to look at me. He still looked calm but I could see he was curious. I wonder how much he was told about the girl he was supposed to be rescuing.
 "The floor above us has two and the floor below us has two. One seems to be directly below us and the other is near the staircase standing right next to the door."
 "Good to know." I hear him mutter.
  We start to walk down the right side of the corridor.
 "How exactly did you get any of these doors unlocked?"
 He reveals a key card.
 "Master card. Swiped it from a guard on the grounds."
 "Speaking of guards there is one walking this way." I whispered.
 "Tell me if he turns back or rounds the corner."
 I focused in trying my best to follow his movements.
 "He turned back."
 Wyeth rounded the corner silently. He ran not a single foot step heard. He lunged a knife into the man's neck. I closed my eyes as blood clotted around the fresh wound. He crumpled over onto his knees.
 "Come on."Wyeth beckoned with the same calm aura he has had since the beginning of tonight's events.
 I avoided the now crumpled guard on the now wet floor as I follow behind Wyeth. He swiped the card into the door allowing us to get into the stairwell. We walk down the staircase to the next floor. All we had to do was duck underneath the window on the door as to not be seen. We continued going down each floor undiscovered, at least for a little bit.
 "Wyeth, a guard is about to find the one you stabbed." worry flooding into my voice.
 "We better hurry up then."
 We rushed down another two flights of stairs when we heard the alarm. My head began to pound with every piercing sound of the alarm. I made an attempt to block out some of the pounding in my head but the noise was too catastrophic. Wyeth looked at me with alarm asking if I was alright.
 "Heightened hearing. The alarm is really not so good for my head." I said somewhat falling into the railing.
 I concentrated all of my energy into blocking out the noise while standing up at least somewhat straight. Two guards then entered from the door that lead tot he main corridor. They each had a gun at the ready.
 Wyeth was fast with his movements. He threw a knife immediately at one of the guard's chest. I didn't even see him pull the knife out of anywhere. He ran at the other leaping out to land a kick straight at his kneecap. Grabbing his head he smashed the guard's face against the steel rail.
 "Can you run?"
 We ran until we reached the ground floor.  We found an emergency exit at the bottom. Three guards stood at the ready guns firmly in hand. All crumpled without even a slight move from their post. Wyeth had managed to kill all three before even one raised their guns to our direction.
 Fresh air filled my lungs as we exited the building through the emergency door. Already the noise seemed to lessen inside my head. The building had made the sound echo. Now with air circulating with such an open space my ears could be more at ease. The farther away we ran from the building altogether the more my ears felt relieved, as well as my heart. I ended up even being able to run faster.
 I'm not sure how much we ran. I had one focus in mind filling up every thought. I was free. I was on the outside. I took in different sites as I ran. The moon was like a bright illuminated rock above us. Trees stood talk around us until we crossed a road which smelled like dirt. Across the road was a miniature grocery store. We stopped running once we reached its parking lot.
 Wyeth stood in front of a black Chevrolet. I climbed into the passenger seat once I saw him get into the driver's seat. He started up the engine. After all that running it felt good to sit back.
 "Thank you."
 I fought back tears.
 "Eh. It really isn't such a big deal. I was bored."
 It's a huge deal to me. Normally people related read a book or do something simple when they are bored, right? How does one manage this out of boredom?
 "We have a ways to go yet so if you want you can sleep. Let me know if you need anything."
 I rest my head against the window. It feels nice and cool against the side of my head. In my view is the moon. It's extremely beautiful. No stars were out.
 I rather stare at the moon instead of sleep even though I was exhausted. I feel if I close my eyes now I will wake up back in that horrible place. I cried as silently as I could with my face towards the window. I've cried like this so many times but this is the first time I got any sense of relief out of it. Every night I'd dream of something like this. Now I am finally free. I can't ever go back there. I refuse. I will do anything to stay away from there.

© 2015 Shay

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A Chapter by Shay


A Chapter by Shay