A Twist To The Rich VS Poor Clichue

A Twist To The Rich VS Poor Clichue

A Poem by Shaynuh Silken

just something that came to my mind


So you see, I don’t care.
One good shot will bring it back.
Walk in my shoes? You wouldn’t dare
To live life always under attack.

What have you got to show?
What have you learnt?
Nothing left to really know
When you’ve only ever been burnt.

Hide away from all the pain.
Stayed warm against the cold,
Took shelter from the rain
All to fit into societies mould.

Here I lie suffering each day,
Nothing but misery to see,
Not one word to say,
But I’m staying true to me.

You don’t live using your own hands and feet,
You get everything money can buy,
You have a job to make more than ends meet,
Yet your life is a constant lie.

Every smile on your happy face,
Every laugh from your chest,
Gone without a trace,
When you lay your head to rest.

Because you don’t know life at all,
You’ve only played it how told,
Didn’t realize that you’d fall,
As you got old.

Now your lost and alone,
Wasn’t taught to forgive,
If only you had known,
You never truly got to live.

The smiles you wore weren’t real,
The laughter a plea,
Couldn’t tell society how you’d truly feel,
They wouldn’t have let you be.

Because society is a game,

For people to win or lose,
Always look else where to place the blame,
Constantly abused.

So here I lie, miserable, but not on my own,
Surrounded by others unique like me,
Around me, they have grown,
We are the ones who could see.

Didn’t fit with status quo,
Stood out from the crowd,
We had the guts to just say no,
And our opinions were loud.

So yes, life left us both shattered,
We both die in vain,
Both with our bodies battered,
Nothing to gain.

But at least I died my own way,
I died with friends beside,
Still my own unique clay,
But I have never lied.

© 2013 Shaynuh Silken

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Added on February 26, 2013
Last Updated on February 26, 2013
Tags: sad, lies, broken, rich, poor, love, lost


Shaynuh Silken
Shaynuh Silken

Marathon, Ontario, Canada

If you really want to know who I am... Well.. You know the girl, the girl that walks in a group of outcasts, that has her feet planted firmly on the ground, but her eyes look a million miles away. .. more..