Shaynuh Silken

Shaynuh Silken


Enough alcohol silences the demons for a night; a gun and a single bullet silences demons forever

Marathon, Ontario, Canada
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About Me

If you really want to know who I am... Well.. You know the girl, the girl that walks in a group of outcasts, that has her feet planted firmly on the ground, but her eyes look a million miles away.

The one who you think you know, but you hardly look at her because the girl walking beside her is smiling at you and she's way prettier.

I am the girl no one talks to because I am bisexual. The girl who looks a bit concerned and just a little bit too sad...

The one who isn't considered pretty because she's not bone thin, her lips cracked and her nose a little too big, but her eyes tell a thousand stories.

The one who doesn't smile much, and when she does.. It's at the strangest things. The girl who loves to sit on an empty beach, in the middle of a thunder storm, just so she can scare herself when the thunder and lightning comes.

The girl who loves to just walk by herself, listening to her I-Pod on full blast, playing sad songs on repeat. The girl that is metal-head, and can't stand most hip-hop.

That girl with too much black makeup on, and never seems to remove black nail polish. Who only wears black clothing, skinny jeans and baggy sweater/ The girl that never seems to be paying attention but could say everything you had said in the last 15 minutes without having to think.

The girl who always looks like she needs a hug. The one that never really fits in with a group, and always sits on the edge.

I am the girl that everyone talks to when there sad, or when they want someone to confide in. That girl who, loves to sit in the rain for hours, just so no one can see she's crying.

I am the girl who pretends to be happy, and everyone buys the act. The girl who hides behind her fringe, the one you know will always have scars on her arms but you never ask about them because she doesn't really matter.

That girl is me.

Misunderstood, judged, hurt.


I am Shaynuh, and this is the best insight you'll ever get into who I really am.