understand...I'mma MAN baby

understand...I'mma MAN baby

A Poem by Shirlena

Don't ask...don't tell but then maybe I should tell something. There is a very complex condition among black culture discussed recently on the radio...it inspired this write.


masked but in the atmosphere there is sadness

poised, while malfunctioning there is unrequited passion

exasperated you know and there is the need for restitution

but it want be so...it will take a portent of God before I know

how sweet it was like blackbirds captured formation

in uniform the key unlocking the pelted down

on the seed that blossomed the glimpse of reverberation

reason the mirror can't squeak too clean

minimized to digest from that which

I was ripped.. mama that raggedy scarf

damned that knotted head... grease hangs

hesitates central brow

this is the way sister learned how

scrunched down watching matronly bow

seeing disdain tick in the seconds of my scowl

indelible upon my expression

but mama I'M A MANE (man)

cognizant she will never measure expectation

futility is the libation of this confounded frustration

perpetuated DNA , CURSE MY SIGHT

yonder there oasis furls of satin

an appearance to rival eyes verdant in hues

a voice that rings like belles spared of tarnish

unlike the endured

and disgust is heavy but MAMA PLEASE UNDERSTAND...or not

wearing upon the already spent

the denied has become as tired of me as I am

kindred do ignore these steps but listen... I'M A MAN

leave me to this illest magnet

my consequences to dwell

I'm a man baby...I'M A MANE (man)

© 2014 Shirlena

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A man or a "man baby", or a man, baby... ? Yes, this is the question. culture plays an interesting role in our social maturity.
A very interesting write and one every man should read even if he does not quite understand it yet. Maybe it would spark something.
Socially poignant write!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks for reading David, this is pretty deep, so much so that black people don't even want to under.. read more
 David Scott

8 Years Ago

Yes, I understand a little bit how this cultural norm permeates the black communities. Very deep and.. read more

8 Years Ago

Thanks for the kinds words David. It is an interesting subject for me to tackle in writing and the c.. read more
This piece seems to stem from both personal experience and a playfulness when it comes to the wordplay. I feel as if you stepped outside of your comfort zone and let the emotions of the past flow freely. Excellent job, and an A+ for effort..

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Let's just say this is an experience I'm aware of and have experienced more so indirectly. This may.. read more
Very heavy. Weighty. Richly ethnic.
There appear to be some distracting typos, but otherwise an extremely profound write

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Oh so this how you gonna do me after I've been so nice to you x? You do know this site automaticall.. read more
Brilliant. Glad I stopped by.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you KL.

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Added on March 3, 2014
Last Updated on March 5, 2014
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I be lovin poetry and it be chosen to read Wanna get something across. I'll review you only...if you review me the soulest sistah is the soulest I mean... she gather's the best from grand lo.. more..

a sasquatch a sasquatch

A Poem by Shirlena

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