A Passing Thought

A Passing Thought

A Poem by R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

I feel better about this poem now. Thank you for the positivity, those who took the time to make me realize this is still art.




A passing thought blossoming


Lofting sarcophagus gusting in the lustre of homunculus


The wind of infinities equilibrium symmetry mimicry of Olympian photosynthesis


Clusters given structure to time


In my manmade paragraph’s slanted stanzas stained-glass plastic acupuncture


I spoke my mind mute to the headbanger bleeding off a terpsichorean tongue


A drop of water cascading over a dry corpse


The space between parts of a split second a diabolical choreography of lethargic arteries


And partisans of cartilage stranded amaranthine


Took my train of thought off the tracks in whiplash when I crossed the line like a drive-by


Link together my metal evangelical wreckage of reckoning hecatomb blooming in unison


The notes like music to my eardrums lost on off-beaten paths


Part-ways with rat-races


Garnishing the harvest moon larva of automaton


Chain-link hieroglyphic ellipsis cliff race of split lips incubus


Spiked nitrogen ichor viper deciphering of a Vikings’ blacklight scythe of a microphone


The maleficent sepulchre nectar of a strep throat stethoscope loathing’s utopia


I spit fire like the empire of nihilism


From the sundial formaldehyde of a barbed-wire xylophone 


Split ends of Armageddon’s strings violins coincide their vinyl spiralling kaleidoscopes bifocal osmosis


Cloaking comatose oceans cascading uranium steel-plated craniums


Cremated lacerations of braille hangnail fellatio


Hypnosis locomotive incorporeal egg yokes slipping off skillets of a cloudy ballad


Burnt toast to sociopaths’ locusts frozen tone-deaf locomotives roaming (wed-locked and) loaded chromosomes


Mannequins, a water lanterns’ ceramic dandelion hammock dangling


Megalomanic romantic pantheon dancing amaranth in dawn like false God


Catch these hands like the virus and shake off the dust in the vacuum of wasted space


Autopilot your lilac iris a calendar’s Daoism howling pallets of Valkyrie


Mellifluous incubus speckled with crepuscular echelon


Pressing on the mandala anaconda of sprawling songbirds


Dawning mitochondria of mind-boggling halogens ovulating constellations


Drastically Galapagos cardiovascular elastic dreamcatchers masturbate postulating pastels


Basilisks riffraff catalysts match-lit bachelors


Massacre the aftermath of blackbirds murderous crowbarred martyrdom


Eloped psychotropic hypothesis hypnosis of kaleidoscopes lotus’ osteoporosis


Alphabetical wendigos pose osmosis claustrophobic aerobics


Chiselling umbilical calligraphy on the walls


A glossary of philosophical apostles’ hostels of gospels fell


Flying inside denial, the sunrise a birdcage of ribs a latter of tattered megalomanic Abaddon


Abandoned mannequins of Santa Monica grasping at straws without a grip on reality


Sucking the life out of me like a juice box


An empty cartridge


Screaming the lord’s name in vein like an artery


Reverberating bloodstained shells blossoming from my open mouth


The flowers of God a garden of sound


Silent psalms


A far cry yells in the static madness of sabotaged Avalon


Uprooted smiles defile asylum


I still find myself in the corridors of metamorphosis


Becoming a man


Leaving behind the chrysalis of the boy I was


Taste your own medicine


Your just desserts


Mealworms in my stomach, growing, growling in the mud


I wake up to the nightmare like I’m living in a dream


Fall asleep through the wake of good tidings


Over the rippling waves in deep water like a shipwreck


Drowning in hourglasses empty


Time stands still


But still passes by every now and then


I’m running out of breath


I’m swimming with the fish that flunked out of school




Blazing in the nightshade mosaic gazing lazily into the hazy lackadaisical maelstrom


Washed up like I’m doing the dishes with the abyss


Cracking up like a smile with a split lip


Snapped into place like dislocated navigation


Hanging by the hook of my halo


With no guardian angel


© 2021 R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Author's Note

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
I promise I read every single review, and I generally will reply to them. I look forward to my next review, because it helps me learn. Even if it's just one word, I promise, I will be happy to hear anything you feel needs sharing. Whenever you write on my shortcomings or breakthroughs, or the themes of my poems, or share ideas and friendly criticism, it decides my next poem to an extent. I will listen, learn and be thankful. And 99% of the time, you'll get a reply unless you're trolling me.

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This is poetry my friend.
"Fall asleep through the wake of good tidings
Over the rippling waves in deep water like a shipwreck
Drowning in hourglasses empty
Time stands still
But still passes by every now and then
I’m running out of breath
I’m swimming with the fish that flunked out of school
I liked the complete poem and the above lines were my favorite. You wrote the poetry with a old man mind. Honest and direct words. It seem sometimes. We can't never win. Thank you for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 6 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

6 Months Ago

Thank you Coyote, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem! I'll try to do even better next time. :)
Coyote Poetry

5 Months Ago

You are welcome my friend.
good write my friend,a bit different in most of your writing

Posted 6 Months Ago

R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

6 Months Ago

Means the world to me for you to say that. :) Makes me have confidence.

6 Months Ago

you`re welcome,working on 173 read requests,moving slow

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R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)
R.J Calzonetti (SinisterPotatoe)

Burlington, Halton, Canada

Born in 1997, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories. I often hike, bike, play tennis in the summer. In the winter, I snowboard. Spoken word poet, several time finalist for local poetry slams, an.. more..


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