Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

A Poem by Skia1717

A dream one day, a reality the next. The greatest feeling I've ever felt. The wait was worth it.

I never thought it could be
I always dreamed it was real
But only dreams
Wondrous dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

The way you could make me feel
Even if I was dreaming
Just dreams
Glorious dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

Days of just waiting, wishing
My hope quietly dwindled
Lost dreams
Forgotten dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

In one last try to get there
To get on the magic rug
I dreamed
Just dreamed
Up on Cloud Nine

Hope had left, had gone away
It nearly broke my heart
My dreams
Incredible dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

You must have seen my sorrow
'Cause what you did next shocked me
You fixed my dreams
My broken dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

You sang as we danced, and spun
Making me feel like dreaming
Magic dreams
Joyous dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

I can still feel you singing
Your voice, your eyes, your soft touch
Like a dream
A long lost dream
Up on Cloud Nine

You made me feel so special
Like you wanted me happy
In a dream
A gorgeous dream
Up on Cloud Nine

Maybe you don't feel the same
I know you just felt sorry
But you saved my dreams
My lifelong dreams
Up on Cloud Nine

Thank you for letting me in
Even if just for a while
A short dream
A cherished dream
Up on Cloud Nine

© 2012 Skia1717

Author's Note

It's rather long, but I couldn't shorten it. Not this. This is too special.

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Added on August 31, 2012
Last Updated on August 31, 2012
Tags: Love, Dancing, Singing, Dreams, Dreamy, Clouds



Burley, ID

First off, I like cheese. Secondly, I like magic. Thirdly, I like cheesy magic. Fourthly, I like magical cheese. And lastly, I'm 14, so don't judge me too harshly. I'd still love your input, though! J.. more..

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