That one person.

That one person.

A Story by Skie blue.

Few meet the rare people that are completely unforgettable.

The one person that is rarely seen
but never forgotten
A human with a sense of life that has your breath on the outside
Forcing you to see and forcing you to visualize
Everything in this world that once you didn't know.
Big eyes glinting with amusement in tow.
Timeless, forever, uncaring for the worries of this world.
Her way of life has you out of breath.
But your not the only one that she's met.
Her scent sweet like flowers.
Her voice so smooth that it always entrances.
The one person that is rarely seen
But never forgotten.
A wild, rare person in the world of society.
Forced to live on the outskirts from there phenomononity.
The person that laughs, even if your crying.
The one that makes you see the world in an entire new lighting.
That one person that makes the world a different place.
That one person, that can disappear without a trace.
Harmless, yet powerful. Soft, yet bold.
The one who's stories shall never grow old.
That one person, that lives in your mind.
That one person, who's always by your side.
That one person who's life was so normal.
Who's mind sees things that seem abnormal.
To see the world in their eyes, is what so many long for.
To be a true person, unforgettable.
Yet, time will not remember them. Time never will.
But their stories. Will always hold still.
In the hearts of those who met these rare creatures.
To never be forgotten,
To always be forgiven.
That one person that is rarely met.
But one who's mind is beyond set.

© 2014 Skie blue.

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Added on October 25, 2014
Last Updated on October 25, 2014
Tags: Rare, forgotten, never, human, idea, peace, timeless, stories


Skie blue.
Skie blue.

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