Dancing monster.

Dancing monster.

A Poem by Skie blue.

I don't know what I need to do but I feel the burn of dancing. Just one... last time.. Just... One... last...

I trapped myself into this bleak gray hell
and sometimes I wished I would have just killed myself
But I broke my own heart once before.
I can't ever let the monster out, never more.
But sometimes I wonder about that fire again.
I sometimes thinks of the things that never been.
To cry in a dance party to laugh with drunk hookers
and to wake up in a strangers bed sore as hell from the crookers.
But- No. NO!
I'm not allowed. Never again!
Never again and never again! But I just can't keep... Waiting!
One day I'm going to crack and one day I'm going to cry.
One day the monsters going to find its way out and die.
I'm gunna feel the hammer on my head
and I"m going to lay down as though I was the dead.
I'm gunna dance and I'm gunna sing
Then it's gunna happen all night all spring
All winter all fall I'm a dancer by choice.
I don't care if I'm a s**t again I don't care about my voice
Do you want it dark and smooth and do you want it sweet?
I don't really care anymore just please, let it eat.
The monster inside it burns with hatred at it's cage which I made myself.
I tried to stay away from hell but ended up creating it.
I don't know what I need to do but I feel the burn of dancing.
Just one... last time..
Just... One... last...
Freedom is mine. 
Blurs and pulses began in my head
hammering at my soul like sinking rock of dread.
It's too late to leave now it's too late to cry.
I failed again, I failed to try.
I need to get out of here, the monster took over.
I need to leave now, this isn't a lover!
But the pulses of the beat and the hammering in my head
my head is burning and a feeling of hate instead
there's a fire in my belly there's a dream in my mind
I want to be torn down and I want to be ripped from my kind.
I want to be thrown down again, please, do that for me.
Oh my god I'm dancing, it's freaking misery
I'm free again to feel the dance again
The dancing and the bodies warm hands
The hands pressed against my skin
and the alcohol on my breath
this is just like how it used to be
I'm on the hunt again.
My monster comes out, and I let it start living.
It starts taking flesh and it starts the kissing
the alcohol while sitting on a lap
my vision blurs and the pulses start a relapse
black and blur and black and blur
I'm pretty sure I threw up on her.
I take a girl by the hair with a grin on my face
this is my hunt and this is my place
I feel... so alive!
I feel it deep inside!
With a laugh in my lungs and the fires burn in my way
I am the huntress and there's no other way
I'm on a mission and there is my prey
It's gunna be mine now, they always sway.
This is my house and this is my laugh
the monster is hungry and it smells a rat.
I swoon and I flirt and I'm a seductive god.
This time It's the party and I don't give a damn who's hot.
I take lips and I take hands and I order the man at the bar.
I dance with the women and I'm backed up with a scar.
I press him against the wall, I already forgot his name.
I end up waking up in a bed and I laugh till I'm sane.
My feet already found the way back
and I'm on the floor again.
We're going again and I'm hungry for more.
Thank god there's more on the dance floor
I get looks from the girls and one gives a smirk
there's another monster here, and she's on my turf.
I press my arms in the air and wave my hips around.
I got the style, but boy, she has the sound.
She grins and she laughs and she dances all day.
I stalk up to her and marking my prey.
She looks at me again and the fight is on.
I ended up on the table and she's getting on.
I scratch at her skin but her grip is fierce.
The DJ makes it louder while grinning like Rierce.
She smiled at me darkly and I got thrown off.
This is my turf, and this was a loss
We end up side by side. 
Now we're both out for the boss.
I'm at her side and she's at my back
and we're both on the same guy, two monsters in one pack.
She ends up pressing me against the wall, the beat hammering in our heads.
We're both swimming she with vodka and I with... what was it again?
I crash her on the desk and she laughs at me loudly. 
Two monsters both scratching and I was feeling rowdy.
The monster was challenged and it liked the opponent.
the feeling was mutual and we hit the floor with a bone in it.
She was dancing and I was singing and we marked out land.
We are two monsters and we took the band.
But here we go again and I feel the fire burn.
Burn baby burn yes, Yes I feel it like it hurts.
But do I care anymore? I don't think I do at all.
I've lost control completely and I'm having a ball.
My heads all going dizzy and I am aching in my brain.
Not like I'm using it much, and i don't care anyway.
I take him by the hair and a bottle in my hand. 
I ended up screaming in the middle of the night and laughing instead.
This is how I ended up laughing
This is how I knew I was fighting.
This is how my heart caught fire
this is how my eyes desire.
This is my land and this is my soul
I'm not a monster at all I'm the creature of ol
I am the creature in the parties all night
My line of work is crying and laughing in fights
I am the one fighting it, and I am an idiot.
I ended up laughing again, in the bedroom, the little Figg----it.
Why was I denying it and why was I fighting
was it because my broken heart was doing nothing but crying?
It doesn't matter any more, there are tons of shattered hearts.
But any more I'm a hunter, and I know who carries my marks. 

© 2014 Skie blue.

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Added on November 26, 2014
Last Updated on November 26, 2014
Tags: Monster, dancing, floors, attempt, failure, drinking, seduction, love, hunting, prey, hammer, beats, Intoxicating, night life, Parties, strangers, uncaring


Skie blue.
Skie blue.

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