The Light: Spoken Word

The Light: Spoken Word

A Poem by John Dennis Gillespie

Bring in the light.

I'm sitting like a stalemate and I'll contemplate every second that these chains keep me tied down.

I've arrived now.

Risen from the ground I will rise now.

It's typical to feel like a let down so let us jet now

Never question

Every breath is a quest

each breath is refreshing.

Breathe in. Exhale.

We live in hell.

So everyone should feel this here flame increase

and it's plain to see that we dwell.

Grace has been replaced by an angry tree that sprouts with leaves that don't fail.

Bring in the dark.

Shadows have become so comforting.

The corner of this room and the warmth of this tune, so soft this loneliness comforts me.

Like hugs.

I'm to close to sin to want love.

I lost hope in friends, so I wrote with pens, and a wrote words on my skin and a choir sung from my blood.

A fire rose from my pus and I tried to cope but, I struggle.

It's like live and move on or fight and be strong or conform I toggle this trouble.

My mind's so boggled it seesaws.

This is the downfall of everything we are.

We are disparity.

Kids with brains of unclarity.

Kids with thoughts of insanity.

Kids who lost their humanity.

We're passive aggressive, rebellious with words, we appeal to the worse and give chills to the earth.

The feel is a thrill and we mosh.

Our quotes are written on walls.

Our slogans: Fall for the dark.

Heavy hearts, hold us down, we walk.

Chant. It's fine to feel lost.

In my hand is a chance so hold and be bold cause now's the time to take off

We'll roll and make way for the change that'll take place

and deviate from the pain that stay greats.

We'll levitate and make rays from our voice.

In the sky, play the role of a new choice.

A new joy. New girl new boys.

The only thing that'll remain is this new noise.

We'll stay children of a world separate from the world.

My dreams are always saying you'll do better if you stay to yourself.

But, seclusion leads me to the conclusion that the only way you matter if you let yourself be the same as the rest.

But, don't stress.

There's so much more to this life because we may be in the dark, but

We will be the reason for the light.

© 2013 John Dennis Gillespie

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This is beautiful. I actually could hear someone performing it in my head. :)
very inspiring. Especially the last few lines, "our quotes" onwards.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2013
Last Updated on June 8, 2013
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