MadaSaku: Two Powerful Lovers Chapter 1: Sakura Haruno, Leader of the Haruno clan.

MadaSaku: Two Powerful Lovers Chapter 1: Sakura Haruno, Leader of the Haruno clan.

A Chapter by SasuSakuLoVer

Chapter 1: Sakura Haruno, Leader of the Haruno Clan


"I'm too busy." Sakura said while she bang her head on the table.


"Sakura-sama, you're going to far on banging your head on-" The woman with brown hair and emerald eyes said concern.


"If you're going to tell me that I have meeting with the elders...tell them tommorow." she banged her head more harder.


'B-But they said its impotant!" she replied and calmed a bit that Sakura stope banging her on the table.


Sakura raised her head to face her seriously. "thats rare, the elders usually talk about unimporatant things..." she whisperd to herself.


*At the meeting*


Sakura was sitting in front of the 3 elders, eventually she will be annoyed by now but this meeting is not the so called Not-So-Important-Meeting which Sakura used to say.


"So the leader of the Senju and Uchiha Clan has finish the village, I see." Sakura said seriously while her split personality is talking about the rivalry of the Senju's and the Uchiha's.


Sakura stood up. "Alright! We will transfer to the new village.We will leave now."


The elders have a smile a smile on their faces.

'Sakura-sama really knows how to handle it all' they thought as the pinkette walked out preparing to travel.




To Be Continued...

© 2013 SasuSakuLoVer

Author's Note

I'm really sorry if i din't write anything, my school is coming and I won't be active and I hope you understand.

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Added on June 16, 2013
Last Updated on June 16, 2013
Tags: Sakura Haruno, Madara Uchiha ( pairings)




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