Coming of Age- Part 2

Coming of Age- Part 2

A Chapter by Minty Delights



          Although it wasn’t really a surprise since I knew that there is always an informal party before the Ceremony, I still played along.

          The room had ribbons, and the long dining table was filled with mouth watering food. Everyone was already sitting in age order like usual. I walked over to my usual seat from the male side next to Skye, my brother, and Father while Silvia sat next to Reia’s seat, across from me.

          “Happy Birthday, dear,“ congratulated my mother. She was wearing her white and pink dress and her hair was beautifully curled. She was sitting at the very end while father sat at the other.

          While eating, Reia came late into the room wearing her frilly blue dress, tying her hair. When she saw Silvia she sprinted towards her, “Oh my God! Silvia!” she exclaimed, “You’re here!” She went up to her and they hugged eachother.

          “Do you really think I would miss my fiancé’s birthday?” she asked, “I don’t think so.”

          Reia pouted, “Oh… so you didn’t come for me. I see how it is,” and everyone laughed.

          Reia and Silvia are close friends. Back when they didn’t know each other, I would talk about my siblings while Silvia would get jealous since she is an only child. Reia and I have a one-year difference so I talked about her the most. I would always describe her as loud and funny, which is just like Silvia so she wanted to meet her. I introduced each other and Reia suddenly said, “I’ve met my soul mate.”

          As they joyfully talked to each other Skye slapped me in the back, “Happy birthday, man” he wore his usual white dress shirt with dark trousers.

          “Thanks, little bro,” I ruffled his hair.

          Skye, who is 14 years old, is graced with super speed so we occasionally duel each other, or sometimes I would train him with sword fighting. He is very competitive and is always wanting to get better and better. His improvements are amazing.

          “Hey after game planning could we go for a duel?” Skye asked excitedly

          After seeing his face I couldn’t refuse, “Sure, why not.”

          He pumped his fist and silently yelled, “Yes!”

          I continued eating and my father congratulated me as well, “Happy birthday.”

          I politely responded “Thank you.”

          When everyone finished eating I started slicing pieces of cake.

          I spotted Rose, my quiet and 12 year old younger sister. She has the magic ability to remember anything she sees, hears, and reads. She was, as always, reading a book, about a boy with a lightning scar.

          I handed the first slice to her, “Sei--ROSE,” I quickly fixed, “Have some cake.” Karias snickered at my mistake. Just to get him back I gave him the last slice. When I sat down my father announced the time of the Ceremony.

          “Starting at 20:00,” his voice bellowed, “the party will start. Rael will come into the ballroom, change his rings, and the game that you guys organize will start. You guys may plan here, I will be leaving first.” Father got up and mother followed.

          I looked down at my 2 rings on my left hand. One ring was a pair with Silvia on my ring finger and the other was a silver ring of my identity on my middle. Everyone in Macrobian has a ring. It shows 5 things: if you are graced with magic or physical strength, their ability, their age range, their name and a person’s status.

          Everyone gets their first bronze ring at the age of 5. It is always worn on their right hand; however, a royal always wears it on their left. Then, when a child reaches the age of 13 (when they become a teenager), they receive their silver ring. At 19 years, we receive our third and final, gold ring. Losing this ring will be like losing our identity. It is a precious jewel, if lost; it costs many Quans to remake it and turn on the self destruct mechanism.

          Every ring has a jewel. If it is an icy sapphire it means that the owner is graced with magic. If it is an unbreakable diamond, it means that the owner is graced with physical strength. If the jewel is pressed by the owner’s finger a hologram of their power is spelled out.

           “So how will we be planning this game?” I asked, “You guys have any ideas?”

          Skye smiled, “ I do… How about The Domus Duels?”

© 2012 Minty Delights

Author's Note

Minty Delights
Part 2. And yes.. she is reading Harry Potter :)

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