Completed Chapter 37: "Countermeasure"

Completed Chapter 37: "Countermeasure"

A Story by Nariko

Chapter 37 of Completed


Eiko was standing in front of a black gate that surrounded a three story mansion. She pressed a doorbell next to the gate door. A young male voice called out through the doorbell, “Who is it?” Eiko replied, “Hello, this is Eiko. I promised Hiroshi that I will meet up today.” 

The voice cried out, “Eiko! You’re here! I will come outside to escort you.” Eiko said, “Thank you, Hiroshi.” Eiko stood there waiting and looked around the area. She saw the shrubs and bushes decorated around the mansion. She noticed a large fountain located in front of the house. She thought in her head, “I can’t help but always be surprised by the sights.” 

Hiroshi exclaimed, “Hey Eiko!” He was running over and waving at her. Eiko waved back awkwardly. He opened the gate door and asked, “How are you doing?” Eiko walked in and said, “I’m doing alright.” He closed the gate door. 

He smiled and said, “I am glad to hear that!” He walked next to her. Eiko felt a bit nervous to be alone with Hiroyuki’s brother. She kept glancing back and forth at him. Hiroshi looked at her and asked, “Is this your first time here?” 

Eiko shaked her head and said, “N-no. Hiroyuki brought me here before.” Hiroshi’s eyes softened. He said in a calm voice, “I see. That’s a first. He never brought any of his friends over before. That just shows how important you are to him.” 

Eiko felt warm from hearing his words. She looked down at the ground shyly. Hiroshi said, astonished, “I am so shocked! I can’t believe you were Kenshin’s little sister! Who would have known that both our younger siblings are friends with one another!” 

Eiko grinned. She said thrilled, “Yeah I was surprised too! Big brother never talked about his friends! I never once saw him bring friends over! I think it’s cool that I finally met one of his friends.” 

After hearing Eiko talk about her brother, Hiroshi realized something. He laughed and said, “That explains everything.” Eiko was puzzled. She asked, “What explains everything?” Hiroshi said, “I remember Kenshin always made excuses about why we shouldn’t go to his house. He always suggested that we hang outside or at someone else’s house. When one of our friends confronted him about it, I remember him saying how they were a bad influence. Who would have thought that you were the reason? He probably didn’t want anyone to bother his cute sister.” 

Eiko sneered and said, “Pssh, yeah right. He probably didn’t want to seem less cool because I am better at playing games than he is.” Hiroshi chuckled and said, “I never thought I would see the day of Kenshin’s little sister making fun of him! It’s entertaining.”

Eiko said confidently, “My brother might seem like he has everything together but he’s a total mess.” Hiroshi said amused, “Is that so?” Eiko nodded and said, “Yup but it’s not an issue. It doesn’t affect how cool I think he is. Don’t tell him that I said that.” 

Hiroshi put his pointer finger on his mouth and said, “I promise. It’s between us.” Eiko beamed. They finally reached the mansion’s entrance. Hiroshi took out a card to scan on a black key card scanner. The door opened. 

Eiko walked inside and the sight of the mansion’s interior made her feel nostalgic. She remembered her first time coming with Hiroyuki. Hiroshi brought her some indoor slippers. Eiko took off her outdoor shoes. Then she wore the slippers. Hiroshi escorted her into the living room. 

As she walked in the living room, her eyes widened. She saw both of Hiroyuki’s parents sitting on the large white couch. Hiroyuki’s dad was patting their white dog laying on his lap. He looked up and saw Eiko. He said, “It’s a pleasure to see you again, Eiko.” Hiroyuki’s mom exclaimed, “I am so happy that we could see you today!” 

Eiko bowed and said, “It’s nice to see you too, Mr. Noam and Ms. Manami!” Manami shaked her hands and said, “Eiko, you don’t have to be so formal. Just call us by our names.” Eiko nodded. Noam gestured to another white couch across from them. He said, “Please sit down here.” 

Eiko sat down with her knees closed and hands folded together. Hiroshi said, “It’s okay to feel tense but try to relax a bit. Do you want me some juice?” Eiko said, “Yes, please.” Hiroshi asked, “Are you fine with any juice?” Eiko nodded. Hiroshi walked out of the living room. 

Eiko looked up nervously at his parents. Noam asked, “Do you know why Kata took Hiroyuki away?” Eiko shaked her head and replied, “Not really.” Noam said, “I thought so. We will tell everything.” Hiroshi came in and brought a glass of orange juice. He handed the glass to Eiko. Eiko took it and sipped a bit. She placed the glass down on a nearby coffee table. Hiroshi sat down next to Eiko. 

Noam said, “It all began when I started my business, it wasn’t doing too well. I met Akio from a mutual friend at a party. He was interested in helping my business grow. He gave us some money and spread news about my company. My company became successful from that. Akio and Kata wanted to meet the rest of my family. When they first laid eyes on Hiroyuki, they adored him a lot. They wanted him to marry Kura. I wasn’t keen on the idea of having an arranged marriage but Kata wasn’t having it. She made us feel guilty and threatened to shut down everything. She has a lot of control over her husband. We couldn’t do anything but allow the arranged marriage. To be honest, I thought maybe it wasn’t too bad of a deal. Hiroyuki was in love with her. But later on, Hiroyuki couldn’t handle being in a relationship with Kura. Even though he loved her, she didn’t love him…”

Noam took a short pause and sighed. He said in a depressed tone, “I’m a terrible father. I shouldn’t have accepted Kata’s deal. It wasn’t right to force my son into an arranged marriage just for my selfish desire to keep my business running!” Manami placed her hand on his back. She said in a worried tone, “Dear, we both are at fault. We put Hiroyuki through a lot of pain.” 

Hiroshi felt glum from seeing his parents regretting their actions. He looked over to see Eiko’s reaction. Eiko clenched her fists. She looked up at his parents with a strong gaze. She said, “I appreciate you being honest with everything. I know it isn’t easy to admit those things. I understand the situation a lot better now. Listening to all this has strengthened my resolve even more. I want to save Hiroyuki!” 

Noam and Manami were speechless from her words. Hiroshi stood up and said confidently, “You’re right. We will save him! And we thought of a plan on how to do that!” Manami and Noam’s expression brightened. 

Manami walked over to Eiko and held her hands. She looked into her eyes and said, “I’m so grateful that you care a lot about Hiroyuki. Thank you, Eiko.” Eiko smiled and said, “No, thank you for letting me be involved in all this.” 

Noam said, “I believe it was important to let you know because you’re close to Hiroyuki. You have a right to know.” Eiko nodded and asked, “What will be your plan?” Noam became quiet for a moment. He looked strongly at Eiko and cried out, “We will give up on our company and return all the money to Akio! That’s the only way we can get our son back.” 

Eiko said in a concerned voice, “Are you really okay with that? There has to be another way.” Noam’s hands scrunched up his pants. He said in an assured tone, “My company and son are both important to me but nothing can replace my son. And it’s not all lost. I can always build another company again. It would be tough at first but I won’t be alone. I have my family to support me.” He held Manami’s hand and looked at Hiroshi. 

Eiko’s heart felt at ease from his answer. She said proudly, “I support your decision and I will help you with your plan!” 

After Eiko was finished talking with them, she was sent home in an expensive car. She looked through the window and zoned out in the outside surroundings. She took out her phone and messaged the chicord group chat. She typed, “I had the chance to talk to Hiroyuki’s family today. They told me everything about the situation between Hiroyuki and Kura’s family. They also informed me on how they plan on getting him back.” 

She sees the words Rie typing in the chat. Rie replied, “Oh, that’s great to hear! I’m glad that you found out more about Hiroyuki.” Itsuki typed, “I got so many questions to ask about it but I don’t want to pressure you into telling us everything.” 

Eiko typed, “Thanks guys but I do plan on telling you everything. I want to talk to you guys in person. Is it possible that we can hang out like now or in a couple of hours?” Itsuki and Rie replied at the same time, “Yes!” Itsuki said, “We are both available to hang out now! Rie and I are both at a park together at the moment.” Rie asked, “Where are you now?” 

Eiko said, “I am on my way home from Hiroyuki’s house. His parents had a driver escort me home. Which park? Is it the park that is near Rie’s house?” Rie replied, “Yes, that one!” Eiko smiled and said, “I will have the driver stop by there. I will be there soon.” Itsuki and Rie both put thumbs up emojis. 

Eiko giggled to herself. She said, “These two are like two peas in a pod.” She looked at the driver and asked, “Can you take me to the nearby park that’s up the street?” The driver looked into the hanging car mirror and said, “Yes, definitely.” Eiko thanked him. 

The driver drove up to the park’s entrance. Eiko got out of the car and wished the driver a good day. The driver wished her the same and drove off. When Eiko was about to message chicord, someone was calling out her name. She looked up and saw Rie waving at her. Itsuki was standing next to her.

Eiko ran over to them. She said happily, “Hey guys, how have you been?” Itsuki said, “I am doing fine.” Rie said, “Same! How about you, Eiko?” Eiko let out a small smile and said, “I am feeling much better.”


Rie nodded. She said, “That’s good. Let’s talk by that table.” They sat down at an outdoor table near some swings. Rie sat next to Eiko. Itsuki was across from them. Eiko took a deep breath and explained everything from the family’s history and their solution. Itsuki and Rie patiently listened without saying a word. 

Eiko said, “And that’s what his family plans to do.” Itsuki sighed and said, “That’s a hard decision to make but I’m glad that his family chose their son’s happiness over the company.” Rie said in a sympathetic tone, “Hiroyuki and his family have been through a lot. I feel so sorry for them. I hope everything works out.” 

Eiko said in a low voice, “Me too.” Rie places her hand onto Eiko’s hand. Eiko looks up at her. Rie said, “We are all in this together. We also want to save Hiroyuki too. He’s an irreplaceable friend to us. We will do our best to help you in any way you need it!” Itsuki placed his hand on top of Rie’s hand. He shouted, “That’s right! We are the ultimate squad! Nothing can stop us!” 

Eiko’s eyes became filled with hope from their words. She cried out, “Go team!” They all raised their hands up into the air. They gave each other high fives. 

Itsuki’s phone suddenly rings. Itsuki looked at his phone and said quickly, “Sorry girls but I have to leave now. My dad messaged me that he needs my help with something.” Eiko said in a reassuring tone, “It’s alright! I am glad that we could meet up today. We can always hang out some other time.” 

Itsuki grinned and said, “Yes me too. We definitely should hang out together soon!” He looked at Rie and said in a soft voice, “When I get back home, I will message you on chicord.” He wraps his arms around her. Rie does the same and holds onto him tightly. Rie’s lips formed a wide smile. She said in a cheery tone, “I will see you soon.”

Eiko stared curiously at the two. Itsuki slowly released his arms. He stroked her head and waved goodbye. He started to walk away. Rie waved back. She touched the top of her head and felt cozy inside. 

Eiko walked in front of Rie’s face. She sees Rie’s slightly rosy cheeks. She smirks and said in a teasingly manner, “Since when you two got this close? This is the first time I saw you two embracing each other. It wasn’t just any hug, but a passionate one. Are you guys going steady??” 

Rie’s cheeks got even redder. Rie shaked her head and exclaimed, “We haven’t confessed to each other yet.” Eiko asked, “Why not?” Rie looked down onto the ground and said nervously, “B-be-because it doesn’t feel right to date right now. It’s not fair for us to be happy while you and Hiroyuki aren’t happy.” 

Eiko deeply exhaled and said, “It’s nice that you guys are respectful about our feelings but I don’t want to hold you guys back. You don’t need to worry too much about me and Hiroyuki. Just do what makes you guys happy. That’s all that matters.” 

Rie had a worried expression and said, “B-but..” Eiko patted her head. She said, “It’s okay. I am okay now. And I understand if you guys aren’t in the mood to date with everything that’s going on. That’s fine too..” 

Rie continued to stare at Eiko. Eiko’s eyes soon began to water. Rie asked, “Are you alright?” Eiko wiped her tears away and said in an anxious tone, “When I saw you two hugging earlier, I just felt a longing to see Hiroyuki. I felt my heart squeezing tightly. I couldn’t help but feel jealous. It made me wish he was here with me now. I miss him so much.” 

Rie felt heartbroken from seeing Eiko cry. Rie held her tightly and caressed her back. Eiko continued to sob until all the tears in her eyes dried up.

© 2020 Nariko

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, please tell me what you think of it? I hope you enjoy chapter 37 and thank you for waiting patiently for each chapter! I would also like to shoutout to my friends who help me edit all my chapters! I created a discord group that I can give you updates when a new chapter comes out. Here's the link to my group:

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Thank you Kari!

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