A Poem by Kat24

It is about my friends.



My friends are weird, and somethings can be crazy too. But they can also, be a lot of fun !!!

My friend Rosalie  is a book worm especially of the Romo and Juliet books, and she  likes DeSoto better than

our school. She can be sometimes  crazy too.  My friend  Drema reads a lot of books too but she reads all

sorts of books and she dreams a lot  about stuff. She can sometimes  be crazy too.

Nine Trails likes to be sometimes  crazy too . She is very playful  .  Alice likes to read books too.

She likes to read all sorts of books . She can be sometimes  crazy too.  Bell  can be sometimes  crazy

too. She is very playful.   Now me, I really like sports especially softball and basketball. I can sometimes

get crazy too.

© 2009 Kat24

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makes me think back :) thanks KitKat. its a very well done writing :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

What a way to write about your friend but, to describe them. Nice work they seem like wonderful friends to have around. In other words that was crazy awesome.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Too many "too"s to be too perfect. :) It's almost there, just needs a little revision. Really honest and light spirited! Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

So true, so true. Well you got it right. Raven is right though, take off the 'too'. Other than that though, great job. You're doing well!

Posted 14 Years Ago

great poem but take off the "too" on the end of the 1st line. Spelling needs a little tune up. This isn't really a poem but instead a story or something like that. Interesting name Nine trails?? do you mean "Nine Tails"? "be" in line 7 shouldn't be there. Other then that it's a great story/ poem. good job!

Raven :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

Okay, interesting. One thing however is that when you mean sometimes you write "somethings" instead. May want to change that. You also say the word "too" alot. Writing it in a poetry format would have been better too. However besides these faults this is an interesting poem. Shows how you feel and expresses emotion well. Great job. :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

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My name is Katherine. I really like sports and hanging out with my friends. My favorite music is Pop. My favorite animals are Cats, Cows, and Rabbits. Thanks for reading my short bio. and don't fo.. more..

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A Poem by Kat24

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