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Divinity of Woman

Divinity of Woman

A Chapter by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

Chapter 4 - "Divinity of Woman" from my new book, Love's True Home

Divinity of Woman

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When I say I love you, I am reflecting what I see, feel, hear, touch, and taste. The sweet nectar lies within thee, precious woman, and flows like a majestic waterfall from your heart into mine.

The divinity of a woman affects me like an exquisite painting. I stand there mesmerized by her beauty, splendor, and mystery as I am drawn deep into her heart. O sweet woman, God’s greatest gift to man.

I’m the crust, and you are the topping; your hot, tangy sauce has my love atoms popping!

In the heart of every woman glows a precious perfect jewel, delicious and delightful; it brightens every fool. She’s the key to liberation for every breathing man, so dive into her splendor, and love her while you can.

Wrap yourself around me, woman, until my love erupts; a honeybee my heart is now, and you, my buttercup.

I know you think you can’t be caught,
but I’m on the hunt for what you’ve got.
Your scents so strong, and you’re scorching hot,
so I’ve hatched up a real good plot.
I’ve laid a trap that you can’t see;
I’ll jump your flame and set you free.
I’ll set up camp and pitch my tent
and love you to your heart’s content.

Woman, you are my heart’s only desire, and transform my flame into a roaring fire.

Beauty, proportion, balance, grace, symmetry, harmony, and wonder: all this and more I taste, touch, smell, see, hear and feel in thee, sweet woman of mystery.

We whirl around each other,
as sparks fly everywhere
Colliding with such tenderness,
there’s nothing to compare.

I’m a fiery comet of love inviting you along for a ride. Hop on my wings, and hold on tight as I fly straight into your heart and emerge as a glorious sunrise in the tropical skies of your deep smoldering eyes.

Ka-boom! A billion volts of lightning love illuminate the sky. Toss your heart up to me, babe; together, we shall fly.

I find it easy to communicate with women. I behold, acknowledge, and express my sincere appreciation for their majestic beauty, poetic grace, and sweet sublime mystery.

The sweet perfume of thy simmering love permeates the innermost chamber of my grateful heart. You truly are heaven’s scent.

I love intermingling with you; our heart song, a love jingle as our senses tingle from the invigorating warmth of spirit’s holy breath.

You’re a mad, sexy, precocious yin,
an enticing psychotropic spin.
I’m a crazy catalytic yang,
a supernova rainbow twang.
We twist and shout and scream and fly,
then dive into each other eyes.

I love spinning with you around this flame. Enough of this earthly game! Let’s aim high for the heavens in our hearts. Spirit’s love beckons.

A woman is not something to figure out, understand, or analyze. Forget the musing of the mind; immerse yourself deep in her eyes.

I can feel your love all over. I shudder as it moves through me, throughout me, with me, and without me.

The love in your eyes makes a lot of scents, and my grateful heart inhales them all.

Whenever you giggle, tiny love bubbles burst out of your heart and sprinkle upon me like golden rain-shine. How I love thee, sweet woman.

I can taste your juicy pheromones as they wander through my mist. They land upon my love-filled heart with a luscious holy kiss.

Whoops! I didn’t intend to swallow you whole, but you looked so scrumptious that I succumbed to a torrid love frenzy and lost all control.

Can you feel the thunder as my passion tears your heart asunder? Let it go, don’t hang on; my love’s the sun in your new dawn.

Although we are both aware that I turned you on, I also realize that you reserve the right to turn me off at any given moment.

My tears of joy are transformed into glittering emeralds when they alight upon your love-filled heart.

I’m frantically searching your heart for a thermostat ’cause your heat’s too phat, and it’s knocked me down flat.

I surrender and free-fall heart first into the gleaming galaxies deep within your smoldering eyes.

Sweet nectar rushes from your golden heart like a mighty roaring river and washes over me. Thou art heavenly ambrosia, sweet woman, forever quenching my thirst.

My precious woman! As we wrap ourselves around each other, our atoms intermingle in an effervescent dance of joy! Together, we form a shimmering double helix of golden love, giving birth to countless new constellations. How I love thee!

I love to fly so high with you, hand in hand, our wing tips igniting"your light so exciting. I dive into your eyes, deep oceans of warm liquid love. I love to fly so high with you.

Whenever I gaze upon thy beautiful countenance, my entire being rejoices, my senses scintillating with brightness so intense that I shoot out from the center of my heart high up into the sky, and then dive like a golden eagle straight into yours. My lover, perfect soul, child of God; I bathe in the waters of your inimitable splendor forever.

Sweet woman! Thou art a precious jewel in love’s bright crown. Your kiss spins my heart ’round and ’round; I never ever want to come down.

I love to take my starlit brush and run it through your hair,
Gazing deep within your eyes, I kiss your skin so fair.
In thee I love to swim and glide,
your pleasures so divine.
Heaven’s home, I’ve found at last,
your heart is Rumi’s rhyme.

I know it is unethical"theft is not allowed. But I just want to steal your heart ’cause it melts away my shroud.

Woman! What is it about your love that sends my heart shooting up to the stars? I am singing your name.

I am the waves beneath your boat; upon my love your heart does float.

O precious woman, my heart is a chalice, and thou art the wine. Pour thyself into me, sweet love sublime.

Your precious tender loving eyes mesmerize, tantalize, and lift me up to golden skies.

I love to feast on the fruit of your intense desire. Your sweetness washes over me as I explore the mysteries in your loving heart.

I love taking a bubble bath in the fountain of your heart.

I am a solitary tiger roaming the sultry tropical forest of your heart. I never tire on my journey as I draw ever closer to the fountain of your love.

The sweetest of all my dreams came true the first time I set my eyes on you.

All I can say about pleasure and joy is I’m glad you’re a girl and thank God I’m a boy.

What makes a woman a woman
and a man a man
aside from the juices
that pulse in their glands?
What is this yin, and what is this yang?
Theories abound with a clamorous clang!
Here’s what I’ve learned,
and here’s what I share,
when I’m entwined with you, darling,
I no longer care.

I love being inside you, moving slowly as I ride the rhythmic undulations of your love until I tumble over spirit’s waterfall and splash into your heart.

Your sweet moonbeams elevate my dreams to places I have never been. I love thee, precious woman.

Ahhh! Once again, your majestic heavenly eyes and sweet loving voice are working their charming spell. Off I go on an enchanting magic carpet ride, the very fabric of this carpet woven from the spiritual fibers of your love-filled heart.

The closest I can get to pure physical joy and pleasure in this world is when I am entwined with my lover’s body, inseparable, as one: loving, intermingling, and sharing with each other unconditionally. The beauty, grace, sweet delight, and sublime mystery of a woman, God’s greatest gift to man.

My heart is a-blazin’
and my mind is awhirl,
I’m gonna tickle your fancy
and polish your pearl.
Nothing can stop me,
I’ve gotta have you, girl.

How lovely it is to drown in your waters and be reborn as a wave of liquid love dancing upon the surface of your golden heart.

I am so obsessed with you, precious woman. Love pours from your heart and washes over me. Thy glory sets me free.

I love the way our atoms collide, merging and dancing so deep inside with nothing to hide as our hearts open wide. I love the way our atoms collide.

Each beat of your glowing heart gives birth to countless brilliant constellations. Your glorious love light shatters my mind into a million fragments, and I am reborn as an angelic wave upon your inimitable ocean of love and splendor. With wings in my heart, I fly forever in your eyes.

I’m standing at the plate and waiting for the throw. Toss your heart straight at me, babe, it’s the only way to go.

Whenever I say I love you completely, I am truly out of my mind.

I feel like a “wrap” artist as I prepare my gifts of gratitude for your precious heart.

My favorite color is the rainbow in your loving heart.

I am a troubadour sitting upon the window ledge of your heart. My song of love cries to enter thy heavenly paradise. Sweet woman, I am yours forever and a day.

I don’t think I could possibly love you more. I know I can always love you better.

I’m dipping my ladle of love into the waters of your precious heart. The taste of you sends me reeling.

I love to tickle your heart because whenever you laugh, your love splashes back; sweet droplets of heavenly nectar bathing me in you.

I find myself waking up in a dream to a spectacular sunrise on the soft, sandy shores of your pristine heart. I have my trusty little canoe with me and am eager to venture forth and explore the mystic waters deep within your love.

Luscious love drips from your lips and seeps into my heart. It stirs an ancient longing and blows my mind apart.

I don’t like being around explosives, but whenever I’m near you, your scorching beauty and intoxicating aroma blows my mind to smithereens and makes my heart pop like a cosmic lollipop.

I’m joyful when our atoms merge into a loving molecule, the way our passion clusters; I think it’s really kewl.

You love to ping, and I love to pong; I can play this game all life long.

I am a little honeybee laden with pollen; I can taste your sweet nectar. I can hear your heart callin’.

I am a flame reaching higher and higher as I breathe in the heat of your intense desire. I didn’t think I could get any higher until my heart dove into the depths of your fire.

I love this sea of women,
each wave a magic dance,
I surf their holy waters
and upon each one I prance.
My heart soars like a comet
as I scream my song of joy,
I thank the Holy Spirit
for making me a boy.

Your sweetness shines upon me, endearing and so bright.
I’m your knight in shining armor, reflecting your love light.
Climb upon my holy steed, and together, we shall roam
across the skies in spirit’s eyes to God’s eternal home.

Myriad wonders and mysteries thou art, precious woman; so many ways to see, taste, feel, think, and imagine you. I immerse myself deep within thee and bathe forever in the resplendent crystalline waters of your golden heart.

I didn’t realize that I was lost until you found me, sweet woman.

Many women are saddened by the fact that men don’t come with warranties or instruction manuals. What woman wants to riffle through five hundred pages just to see how the darn thing works? I’m glad that women don’t come with a how-to book. I’m a hands-on kind of guy: always eager to explore, learn, and share.

Precious jewel art thou, sweet lady. Every blessed facet of your exquisite being enthralls me. The splendor of your love light elevates me far beyond the heavens above. As I gaze upon thee, a river of love erupts from my heart and flows joyfully into yours. I am truly free within thee.

You are the herbs, and I am the spices; our loving concoction dissolves all our vices.

Your heart is heaven’s apple; the taste of you is exquisite, divine, and uplifting.

Your heart is a symphony of light and sound. I’m spinning round and round and never ever coming down.

In my heart, I have a tummy; and when you dive in, it whispers, “Yummy.”

Hey, darlin’, got a light? No, not that! I’m sure there’s one glowing in your heart because you’re so smoking hawt!

Forget the so-called G-spot. When I’m with my lover, I sample every luscious letter of the alphabet and throw in a few of my own spicy characters for extra body and flavor.

The brightest of all constellations pales compared to your love light, sweet woman. Your sweetness sends me to places that don’t exist.

In a dream, I awoke, realizing we had been here many times before. My lover and I hovered above a luminescent babbling brook, mesmerized, as it whispered sublime secrets. Suddenly, a legion of angels erupted from our radiant hearts, and the brook became a heavenly waterfall of liquid emeralds bathing us with spirit’s heavenly nectar.

I love to kiss your tender skin; my heart melts when you let me in.

How wonderful it is to watch you sleep, and then awaken in my own dream, entwined around your body as we make love in one of God’s glorious mystical paintings.

I’m a tyrannosaur of love like you’ve never seen, I’m gonna take you places where you’ve never been.

I love it when we wrap ourselves around each other.

The mind of man is all wrapped up in thinking and deduction. The heart of woman pulses strong with mystery and seduction.

You are the every woman that every man dreams of loving.

As I reach up to the heavens and spread my arms, a flock of shimmering alabaster doves bursts from my heart, carrying your message of love to the four corners of all creation. How I love thee, sweet spirit.

If I became you and you became me,
Would we be each other?
Would we be together?
Would we be as one?
Would we have one heart?
Would we have some fun?

Entering a woman’s heart is like waking up in a remote mountain valley enlivened with the scintillating scent of spring’s fresh breath: wildflowers in resplendent bloom with the sun shining high above, pouring down buckets of sweet liquid love.

You and I are the perfect loving equation.

Your heart is all shiny, sparkling and bright
Your eyes, constellations bringing joy to the night
Your smiles, streaming comets; your hair, liquid fire
Woman, thou truly are my heart’s one desire.

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© 2011 Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

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Featured Review

You are a amazing writing. The chapter was powerful and beautiful. The description and the detail made this a pleasure to read. No weakness in this chapter. Woman are precious and appreciated by wise men. A outstanding chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I have always found it extremely hard to put into words how I feel about women, or how I love them, or how I view them rather from afar or up close and personal. Words always fall short or always only touch the very edge of the feeling or emotion that I am trying to express poetically or free verse. I think in your own style you have found your words to describe what it is you love dearly about them, it is almost like a worship if I read more closely. Nice job on this expression it was detailed and the points were driven home perfectly.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

You are a amazing writing. The chapter was powerful and beautiful. The description and the detail made this a pleasure to read. No weakness in this chapter. Woman are precious and appreciated by wise men. A outstanding chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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