Why Wait When You Could Wander

Why Wait When You Could Wander

A Chapter by SupernaturalGirl

Isabelle needs a break from everything she has been dealing with lately and decides to take a walk in the forest on a beautiful day. What could go wrong?


I walked throught he woods, just walking, and I began to think about things that would make my life easier. The thoughts came and gone as I walked. The woods was getting dark and I was getting cold. I wanted to walk back, I wanted to walk back so much, but I just couldn't. Life has been rough lately and people are having to waste their time saving me, It's not a waste to them, but it is to me.

When I got back I went straight to bed, to find Dean already there. "Hi, Isabelle, your tired too?", he asked. "Yes actually, I am, long day", I explained softly. "Well, night Isabelle", and with that he came over, kissed me, and we hugged. It didn't last long, but I enjoyed it.

I woke in the night frightened by the chill I was getting, I looked over to find the window open. I was about to close it when I saw a small object that seemed to be glowing not too far in the woods. I knew if I wanted to see what it was I couldn't wait till morning where it probably wouldn't shine. I went to get my coat and out the door. When I got to the edge of the forest I began to have doubts about my curiousity and how this probably could mean something bad.

I walked and I walked, until the light was close enough to touch. I crouched down and examined it, it seemed to be a small glass bottle that glowed a shade of white that I had never seen before. I picked it up, expecting the worse, but it felt like any other small bottle in which I had ever held. I put it in my pocket and walked back, tired and relieved to be save. I promised myself I would look at it in the morning, but for now I should go to bed. I got back in bed as sure not to awake Dean and fell asleep.

 Like I thought, in the morning Dean asked me if I had seen Clark lately. I lied, "No and I'd rather not talk about him right now, he's not exactly on good terms with me". He shrugged, relieved I assumed. I made pancakes and waffles for breakfast, we talked as we ate. As we were finishing up I told them about my trek through the woods the night before and about the strange glowing bottle. Dean wasn't too happy about me leaving the house in the middle of the night, but I ignored his complaints, knowing he was worried for me. I put the plates away and they sat at the table as I went to my coat and brought back the bottle, that was still glowing, even in daylight.

 They examined it with curiosity, and it didn't take long before Dean and Sam gave eachother a look. It wasn't until then that I knew that they knew what it was. "Okay, I know you know, can you explain to me what this is?" I asked them. "Isabelle, this looks to me like something I have only seen once before", Dean began. "Well", I urged him. "This is an angel's kidney, their Grace, when an angel wants to become human they have to take out their faith, their kidney, they also have to take it out with a butterknife. Then an angel falls and their faith falls, and is never really found by one human, and their memory is taken, so even if they had a chance of finding it, they wouldn't know what they used to be or what it is in fact that they are looking for", he finished.

"So what your saying is that an angel has fallen and nearby, according to this bottle?", I asked. "Yes, that's what I'm saying, we probably don't have a good chance of finding her, or him". "We know an angel, named Anna who had fallen and she is an angel again, but it's a very long story", Sam continued for Dean. "Oh, well, at least we know what it is", I said. I knew now what it was and it hadn't taken long. "Come on, we need to get dressed, you have a doctor's appointment to check on our baby", Dean said happily as he came over and gently rubbed my stomach.

At the doctor's we went straight to the ultra sound room, where they put gel on my stomach and used a scanner to see the baby on a screen. The gel was cold and the scanner smooth, but on certain parts of my stomach it kinda hurt as she dug the scanner to my skin to get a good look at the baby. "Good, good", she said as she moved it around my tummy. "The baby isn't that large yet, but it's very healthy", "Within the next couple of months and your next upcoming ultra sounds to check on the baby we should be able to see what your baby's gender is", she explained to us. Dean stood there beside me, patiently, watching the baby on the screen. I smiled up at him happily, he will be a great dad, I could tell just by the look on his face as he watched the baby wiggle around on the monitor.


© 2009 SupernaturalGirl

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Added on March 9, 2009
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