Cold Steal

Cold Steal

A Poem by TamerQtaish

As the soul starts to drain

Anger and rage addictive cocaine

Lost while the pain you can’t explain

Too many to slain drops down a red of rain

Even god can’t remember your name

You have nothing to lose and all to gain

What is gone and what you have is the same

Everyone pointing fingers at the freak

That’s the price of being truly unique

They want you to fall and break

Bite down your tongue let the gun speak!

Love is like staring down a gun’s barrel

One moment you’re looking into the eyes of an angel

Next moment boom… You’re shot by the same devil

Once in death you can relax

Till then you consume like anthrax

Paralyzing while your poison reacts

A cure for the world as you despise its cracks

Lack of time running wild playing a devil’s bet

Spinning that cylinder playing Russian roulette

Cold sweat breathing the warmth of your cigarette

A fire of guilt burns deep within

A pain that can’t be seen without its sin

Your addiction to vengeance and its twin

Man made laws, justice as thick as dead skin

With an eye for an eye heaven you can’t buy

Aiming at your head for one last soul to purify

Kissing cold steal just before you sing goodbye

© 2012 TamerQtaish

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Remarkable words!!

Keep it up. :)

Hope you like my own writing as well.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 19, 2012
Last Updated on January 19, 2012



Salt, Jordan

I live by my rules! Never steal unless it saves a life Hold the secret even if under a knife Never break a heart to save your own Protect your friend even if your fate is unknown Keep your .. more..