Journal Entry #11

Journal Entry #11

A Story by Terohime

"You can be nice to people,"

                       There are people in the world that are kind, and then there are those who act kind, but really aren't. Events in my life have showed me the many different kinds of people that this world has to offer. Frankly what i have witnessed through these weeks will never leave my mind, and will haunt my dreams.Someone close to me has seen the in justice that the Judicial System has to offer. There are people in jail for minor charges, and some of them will be sat in jail for days, months, sometimes years with out seeing a day in court. To me this is very in just, and my relative has also seen many people who did take some money from others, yes i know that is wrong but that is not where i am going here. Any way, those people who taken money did get jail time up to five years. But, my relative also saw criminals who murdered people get off Scott free.

                        In this world it seems that money is more important than the well being of other humans. You will never know how corrupt the system is, until you or someone close to you has been through the system. Please don't think bad of my relative who has been through this, due to the fact that non of you know the truth behind the reason why that relative was there. When i went to visit that relative, i looked into that room that held the inmates. What i saw shocked me,  most of the people in there were Mexican, and African American. What i saw was a select race was being targeted, and that shocked me. Yes there were caucasions in there too, but not very much. It took someone close to me to open my eyes to what really was going on there.

                          My relative has told me what it was like in there, and how they treated the inmates there. It shocked me to the point that i wanted to close my self out and go back to being ignorant as to what it was like. I knew though, i could not turn a blind eye on this knowing that there are people in there who truely are innocent. And just like my relative they are being screwed over multiple times. The month that my relative was in there was the hardest time in my life. Day after Day we sat there waiting for his/her trial and when it finally came they brought my relative in full body chains and shackles  like he/she was a murderer. My relative's crimes were not murderous i know that, and the details will remain with me, this is something that i do not wish to share.

                         But things are starting to turn around for my family, i am grateful for that. This trial seems to be leaning in out favor, and shady things have begun to reveal them selves. Even though  things are starting to turn around for me any my family, i know know that there are a lot of families just like mine, but are not as fortunate. I hope that non of you go through what my family and i have gone through,and for those who have surely you have seen the in just that this system holds. I hope that soon everyone can see what i have saw, and we can stop this in justice. I know the truth is that it might not happen, but who knows, things could change. Let's hope it is for the better though.

But be cautious."


© 2013 Terohime

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I understand just what you went through i had a similar experience with one of my relative who was wrongfully accused of a crime and what i saw is that you are treated guilty until proven innocent and not the other way around. Hope all goes well and your relative gets back home soon. Thanks for sharing, i know it's not an easy thing to do.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very powerful and inspiring message, I agree...we can be nice and cautious at the same time. Well done =)

Posted 7 Years Ago

You can be nice, but be truer words have ever been said. If this only housed those two lines I would have been completely satisfied, but you added in so much more. Your mind is a beautiful thing, my friend. Well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks Girl Friday, for the comment.
Very well written. I love the overall theme and message you're conveying here. Great work. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago


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