Chapter two: The way things are

Chapter two: The way things are

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Chapter two. Issac discovers his fate...

-2- The way things are
I awoke in a daze, flailing and clawing at the ground for freedom. As my vision cleared, I began peering around me; taking in my new enviroment. My vision was foggy and I had a headache but I fought to keep my eyes trained. The room was empty, save for a single light hanging from the ceiling and a pale blue door on the wall across from me. I tried to stand and walk to the door, but I collapsed to the ground after a short distance. The impact was sobering. I sat up and rubbed my head gently, as I realized I had been stripped down to my underwear. Looking past my boxers, I saw that I was chained to the wall by my ankle. I instantly began to fight with the restraints. Every pull hurt my ankle and soon I gave up and began fighting with the plate, which connected the chain to the wall. Once my energy was spent, I fell into a seated position and panted for a while. My head was still swimming from the drugs. I was partially paralyzed and I felt like I had a hangover. After my third attempt to rip the chain from the wall, I gave up and leaned back with a long grim sigh.
A wave of powerful emotions began to sweep over me. I felt tears slowly formulate, then roll down my face. My whole body shook with fear as I awaited my death, hopelessly. I want to go back to before this... back when the humans controlled the cities. I want to see Mom and Dad again. Oh god, I just want to know what happened to them! I guess I will know soon. I will probably face the same fate they did. I began sobbing and fell on my side, clutching my legs. Horrible surges of fear crashed through me as I cowered, awaiting my demise. No one knows why they hunt and capture humans, but many of my caravan believe us to be... food. I cried harder at the thought of this and kicked the wall in rage, ignoring the pain it brought me.
A few seconds later I heard the distant screech of flexing metal followed by the clattering of steel hitting wood. A nearby door was used and as I began to hear footsteps, I froze with fear. My hands trembled as I attempted to open the chain cuff again but failed to do anything other than hurt myself. My frantic gasping grew more intese as I heard the clacking shoes drawing closer. I tried to pull the chain free from the wall again but to no avail. As the footsteps approached my door I began whimpering slightly and tried to figure out what to do. I decided to move to the far corner as much as the chain would allow and sit facing the corner. The door opened a few moments later and I held my breath as I heard a figure enter the room quietly. 
It was silent for a few moments. I sat motionless, clutching my own torso in a desperate attempt to feel even remotely safe. I began to hear the shuffling of papers and the scratching sound of writing with a pencil. Curiousity got the better of me and I slowly turned my head to peek at the being in the room with me. She was a canine of some sort with white fur and black markings around her eyes and mouth. I believe she was a female from her body shape and facial features. She had bright blue eyes that were behind a pair of thin glasses, which rested delicately on her muzzle. She was wearing some form of lab coat with pointed shoulders and a small insignia on the breast. Her large fluffy tail wagged carelessly creating a small woosh sound each time. Just then she looked up and caught me in her gaze. I gasped lightly and turned away quickly attempting to avoid contact. She chuckled softly and I heard her continue writing. 
"Is your name Iza?" She asked in a creamy voice after a few seconds of silence. 
I was stunned and had to respond. "Thats my nickname... how do you know that?" I replied with a fearful and confused scowl.
"Some of your belongings had that written on them. So tell me are you injured?" She asked bringing the clipboard up to her face.
I was silent for a while but I figured it couldn't hurt to tell her. "No." I whispered meekly.
"Great! Your head was a little bloody when you arrived. How does your head feel?" She asked after filling in more notes on me.
"Why am I here?" I asked sternly but not violent or angry.
"We'll get to that. I have a few more questions. Tell me how your head feels?" She responds tapping her clipboard with the pencil a few times.
"It's fine." I replied eager for answers.
"Great!" Her concern was fake, but I appreciated it on some level. "Can you stand up?" She asked with a small smile. "Good job!" She patronized as I rose to my feet. "Alright, can you recite the human english alphabet?" She asked smiling at widely this time, which was scary seeing all those teeth.
I began to recite the alphabet and she continued to jot down notes on me. This was a not what I was expecting. Though she is just acting they are at least being civil about examining me. I could only imagine the first of my kind to be capture during the city raids were used for horrid experiments and research. My rage for this creatures kind flared up again and I balled my fists in anger. I dont care how kind any beast is to me, they will never have my trust. She may act innocent but what her people did to mine betrays that image. I stood with my head hung awaiting her next question or command, hoping it would be the last. 
"Alright last thing. What is your full earth designated name?" She asked with little sign she actually cared what my name was.
"Issac Eugene Schiffer." I stated still proud of the name... yet now it meant nothing.
"Very good." She said quickly scrawling down my name. "Well this should go over well!" She said lifting her clipboard so I can see the sheet full of questions and filled out information.
"What the hell is going on here?" I shouted angrily reaching for her with clenching hands. "Whats going to happen to me?" I cried out feeling fear now instead of anger.
"Calm down boy and just listen." She said shutting her eyes and holding up one paw. "Earth, your planet, is going to die very soon. When it does your entire race and everything that you have created will die with it. We are here to protect your species and migrate you to our planet." I stared slack jawed at her as she explained away all of the fear and anxiety the last few years had brought.
I looked away and took a long moment to think before muttering. "So... your... not going... to... eat me?" My hoarse voice cracked with the remaining shards of fear that were lodged deep in my heart.
"Heavens no!" She said chuckling and placing a paw on her chest in shock. "I wont lie though someone on my planet will probably want to eat you." She said as she stopped laughing and I stared at her with a mortified face. "But dont worry! I'll make sure your sold to someone really nice!" Her reassuring voice clashed with the puncturing words she spoke. 
I gasped and felt myself began to shake and twitch with fear. I stared at her as she tilted her head in confusion. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" I shouted at the top of my lungs causing her ears to fold back slighlty and a small frown to develope on her muzzle. "You're going to sell me? To who?" I demanded with my angered tone. 
"Look kid that is just the way things are done. It isn't personal or anything we are just trying to help. But we can't just drop you on our planet and expect you to adapt. You understand... this is the best way." He smooth voice was so serene that I was calmed slightly by it. 
"But... don't I get a choice?" I asked in a weak shaky tone.
"Sorry human." She said very blandly, like she has said that several dozen times today. "In a few moments you are going to be put into suspended animation." My eyes widened but she shook her head and continued. "It wont hurt. You will just get cold and fall asleep." She stated as she began to leave the room.
"Wait! Plese just let me go! I don't want to go! I would rather die on Earth! You can't do this to me!" I cried out as she had the door half open. 
She released a long sigh and turned back to look at me. Her ocean blue eyes connected with my pale amber ones and she smiled slightly. "Dont worry human. If you are nice you will get a really good owner!" She replied in a hopeful and slightly excited voice. 
"No! NO! WAIT!" I shouted louder and louder as the door shut behind her. "Please no! God no..." I held myself and collapsed to the ground.
What f*****g nightmare is this? Oh god no... I can't even imagine what this will be like. Being enslaved on a distant planet sounds dreadful and inescapable. No where to run... Everywhere I go they could have populated already. I literally will not know how to escape or where to go to be considered safe. Will air be the same? Is the climate good? What are the customs like? What are the cities like? How do I escape? What... when will I get to eat? Will I ever meet another human again? Are my parents actually alive? My head began to ache terribly and I clutched my skull as tears ran down my face in a torrent. This cannot be how it ends! I want to stay. I want to die with my planet. Please... I want... to stay... home....

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"My head was still swimming from the drugs. I was partially paralyzed and I felt like I had a hangover"-How does he know he was drugged? And his actions in the paragraph didn't really make him sound like was paralyzed.

"A wave of powerful emotions began to sweep over me."-This is telling not showing. The rest of the paragraph makes it clear what's going on, so this isn't necessary.

" I sat motionless, clutching my own torso in a desperate attempt to feel even remotely safe." I would throw a simile or figure of speech in there.

"My rage for this creatures" This should be these.

And the ending paragraph could be shortened. The pacing turns into an interior monologue that's a little slow.

But it's a fascinating story and I like the scene! I'm still wondering who the aliens are and why they are doing what they're doing. Keep it up!

Posted 8 Years Ago

So I really like Iza and I'm curious to see what this new world will be like. I have many questions, but I'm sure they will answered over the next few chapters. Anyway, great chapter!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Hope this story is as interesting as my other! Thank you, Issac is way smarter than Vyon so it is ha.. read more

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I have been writing for a long time. My father was a writer and he always encouraged me to do so as well. Sadly he never read any of my work or even cared for that matter. I just need to know that som.. more..