odd god

odd god

A Poem by The Raven King

An assignment for a creative writing class


The rain falls like screaming silk

leaving star filled open wounds.

It soaks through my cloak, chilling sacramental flesh

heavy with moth-eaten memories and rusty regret.

I swallow bile slick boulders

watching my destination grow larger

the crescendo of rival revelry rising with every step.

Roast stag, ambrosia and myrrh copulate  

staining the air with deep cold pools that break against my mind.

Hestia made muffins on Olympus last time as I recall

not that I have many memories or regrets.

Chim, Drago and Phinx stood guard as usual

but Minerva came to my rescue and put them in stitches

because salmon swim upstream.

Ah, well. Schlamiel Schlamozel Hasenpfeffer Incorporated.

The ever hopeful door of faith and imagination swung open.

The assembled guests welcomed me like a cayenne pepper enema.

I died again.

And Yeshua repeated, “I told you so.”

Though his ambition will bear fruit of both kinds

and will diminish with the tide.

Impetuous reason.  Spontaneous logic.

All thought was once a question.

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”

the fire beckoned to me from across the room

I removed my heavy cloak and the open wounds

on my wrists brought back memories and regrets.

© 2011 The Raven King

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Added on October 17, 2010
Last Updated on July 17, 2011


The Raven King
The Raven King


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A Poem by The Raven King