A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

Some Waldorf girlies accidentally stumbled on a Akatsuki base. Now they been labeled with TMI... what are they going to do!


"H-he left us again!" Rachel practically screamed in frustration.
"WTF?! What kind of teacher is he?!" Yasmine seethed. The high schoolers had been let lose on mountain for a "community building hiking experience"  with their teacher Mr. Pedano as chaperon. As usual, Mr. Pedano had wandered off somewhere and had managed to lose all 3 grades across the mountain side. Dria, Jaya, and Rylie had cleverly opted to sneak off under the pretense of going the bathroom. Bethany had claimed ineptitude to hike because of her flip-flops and so of course Rachel, Yasmine, Sarah, Siana, and Alana simply had to stay and keep her company like good friends. However, it was Phoenix. It was freaking hot. So the six of them had wondered off to find some shade... and gotten lost like good little city girls. Alana, the most athletic of the bunch, had decided to climb one of the mountain sides to see if she could find out where they were while the others stayed in the little revean they'd climbed into basking in the shade and trying to preserve their water.
"I am going to @#$%ing kill him." muttered Bethany slumping against a rock in a little over hang that formed a small shelter of sorts.
"I say we go with plan 72." said Yasmine flopping next to her.
"Nah... that... requires... energy..." moaned Siana keeping her water bottle to her head.
"This isn't even legal!" growled Rachel.
"Yeah there was an extreme heat advisory today! It was supposed to get up close to 120!" said Sarah.
"And, you know, the fact that he just left us." grumbled Siana.
"Drove off in the car." agreed Rachel. 
"Where is Alana!?" said Siana exasperatedly whipping out her cell phone, "Gah! I have no phone service."
"We're going to die!" moaned Yasmine.
"Ugh, Dyeing sounds like it will take so much effort though..." moaned Rachel.
"N-n-now girls," said Bethany imitating their teacher, "t-the thing about dyeing of heat stroke is-"
"@##$%^&^*&*(!@#%!" muttered Yasmine.
"Yasmine! there are children present!" said Rachel covering Sarah's ears.
"Uh Rachel? I am the oldest one here." commented Sarah.
"@#$% YEAH!" came a voice far above them. 
"What's that?" asked Bethany lazily.
"Bran, Dominic, Mike and the crew. Doing stupid stunts on the cliff." reported Siana from her vantage point.
"Ooh! maybe they'll accidentally kill themselves!" said Bethany.
" sound so hopeful..."
"Ah! look out! they just lent a rock slide our way!" exclaimed Siana pushing them back further into the outcropping.
"Idiots!" hissed Bethany as they huddled as showers of sharp bits of rock came sliding down narrowly avoiding their clump.
"Ugh! you guys are suffocating me!" complained Yasmine who was at the back of their group with everyone leaning on her to get away from the sharply falling bits and pieces of rocks flying their way. Yasmine through her hand out for balance but instead of coming into contact with hard, steady, ground she found a hole.
"Ah!" yelped Yasmine in surprise loesing her balance falling backwards inadvertently bring down every one with her.
The girls kicked there way to the surface where they spluttered and coughed in the dark. 
"Ahh... cool water." sighed Yasmine in relief.
"How can you be thinking about that at a time like this?! We're in the middle of the desert! do you realize how far down we must have fallen to land in a underground lake?!" demanded Siana
"Probably some sort of *cough*cough* from the salt*cough* river *cough*" said Rachel spluttering in the water.
"What'd you say?" asked Sarah struggling to stay afloat.
"Cut me some slack! I was dying of heatstroke up there!" defended Yasmine.
"And now we shall die of exhaustion, in the middle of some underground lake(that is who knows how big) with no indication of where we are, in the dark, and our teacher doesn't even know where the rest of the high school is! he's not even around! It could take them days to discover we're truly gone!" said Bethany slowly sinking in depression.
They all stayed silent as the gravity of their situation defended and panic began to set in.
"Who... are you?" said a voice, the girls blinked as a flashlight was beamed in there direction.
"Ah! person!" cried Yasmine joyfully.
"Pein-sama! there are intruders!" the voice called.
"We're saved." sighed Sarah in relief.
"...Intruders he called us... that doesn't sound like we're being saved." commented Rachel apprehensively. Bethany and Siana nodded in agreement.
"Take them to the prison room. They already know too much." responded another voice. The girls blood ran cold.
"I don't think I want to be saved anymore." whimpered Yasmine. Pretty soon a boat came into view with a red head at the engine and a blond at the bow. Both wore dark cloaks with red clouds.
"Welcome to the Akatsuki." smiled the blond helping them into the boat. The girls shuddered: he had mouths on his hands, "This is the place where all you dreams turn to nightmares."

© 2012 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

I felt like starting this one. Don't worry, it will get more light hearted soon. I added Mr. Pedano in one. Last. Time. since next year we won't have him any more :D

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Haha plan 72 what was the other 71 plans? And noo cliff hangers!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

sitting here reading with no expression. changes to a smile. smile gets bigger. Laughing ensues :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

sounds like mr. P by far. i can not wait for the next part!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

"N-n-now girls," said Bethany imitating their teacher, "t-the thing about dyeing of heat stroke is-"
"@##$%^&^*&*(!@#%!" muttered Yasmine.
"Yasmine! there are children present!" said Rachel covering Sarah's ears.
"Uh Rachel? I am the oldest one here." commented Sarah.
"So?" -Ha, ha! I'm the oldest, but considered a child; XD FUNNY!

I loved it!
Keep it up!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..

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A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne