One Last Remnant

One Last Remnant

A Poem by TheLastEclipse

To be the last Is to be alone.


One Last Remnant (Understanding The Last One)


I feel the beat flowing within me but I cannot find my step.

Everything and everyone I love has packed up and left.

But I stood here, remaining as the outcast and remnant.

I've been waiting for as long as I can remember.

            And it is so difficult to recall the last time I've seen a smile.

            I have not even heard a voice in a while!

            This is too much for only one man too handle!


So I'll pick up my breath, metaphorically speaking anyway.

I'll pack up all I have, heh that should not take all day.

I can pretend I have hope, and trod along the ruins.

I feel like something is left, I may have to be the last one!

            I will stand a remnant!

            A broken pillar or shattered stain glass,


            I am the only shadow within the lining!

            Let's go!


I will crawl against the force,

They will never keep me down.

I will never descend my voice.

I am not their clown.

I will run against the wind,

Forcing fate to transpire.

I will be the new,

Elemental live wire!


                        (It will be so natural)

Just watching the sky pass,

                        (It will be a phase, as if another)

Just hold your breath in.

                        (It will be a climax unlike any other!)

Let the fingers slip,

Just disallow the grip,

We'll find ourselves disabled,

We'll pray to him,




            'We'll eye the remnant and leave.'


                                    (TAKE YOUR LEAVE)


           Just eye me and take... your leave...

© 2013 TheLastEclipse

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Added on May 16, 2013
Last Updated on May 16, 2013



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