A Poem by John Holmes

You see them every single day.
The fables and stories 
of forgotten ages
long lost loves
and by gone days
you see them everywhere
don't you my friend. 
walking, sleeping beauties
with hair of golden silk 
and form as perfect 
as perfect could be
that is to say 
yes i said it
don't you see the dancing queens?
so long and fair
grown from despair
singing sweet songs
on brighter stars
dancing till the midnight strike
and running away
talking all of the attention
with them
and there fragile stance
glass slippers.
then there are the long haired beauties
standing so far off
aloof almost 
wishing for just one person
to make the climb
and make them smile
not realising themselves
why don;t they just 
climb on down 
from their lonely tower.
then there are the many dozens of beauties 
of belle's 
standing in the wide old fields
of golden seed
and broken sow
with the monsters
that scare your children
due to your
own pathetic ignorance
and even when they show you 
all they have done
you cannot help but proclaim
but he is a 
but tell me 
dear readers
have you ever seen 
you know who 
the raven haired beauty who steals your breath
with her pale skin 
showing you a shade of black that you never knew before
or those lips
as red as your heart 
the one she is holding 
in her hand
you know who
don't you?
The Fairest of them All. 
I have seen one in my life
in all of my life's
Tis the very same one
turning the frost to fire
and the fire to frost 
that is her 
the fairest of them all 
and trust me
when I say this
when you see her 
she will take a bite
right out of your heart 
for there is only one
fairest of them all.

© 2014 John Holmes

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Added on September 24, 2014
Last Updated on September 24, 2014
Tags: fable, Auroa, sleeping beauty, belle, snow white, stories, mystery, life, love, heart


John Holmes
John Holmes

United Kingdom

Okay SO I am back everybody! Sorry for the long lapse in maintaining this account. I hope you're all well. Currently I stand at zero read requests, I came back to have far too many for me to ever catc.. more..

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