(The Parlour) Fire in my Veins

(The Parlour) Fire in my Veins

A Poem by John Holmes

Okay so this poem started out as just "There is such life in my veins That I did not think One could breathe it in Without dying" and it expanded


There is such life in my veins

That I did not think

One could breathe it in

Without dying


And I guess In the end

I was right

With every breath I took

I felt fire in my soul

Scorch my bones


With every step I took

I felt the flames rise up my skin

A coat of oil

Climbing up my structure


With every word I speak

I feel the trepidation in the air

Your wonder at what you’re seeing

Warmth on my words

And witch fires in my eyes


Well, They look like witch fires

Fire that would undo heaven

And consume Hell

But in reality, It is simple fire

In the shadow of my bones


With every breath I take

I feel the fire grow

Fed by the very resource, I too require too live

Love and the cold air of darkness

Life at its most Primal


I breathed in such life

that I know, in the end

It will consume me


Inch by inch will the fire climb


So, when I fall

Into that timeless slumber

Old and withered

By the chisel of time

Look again, for I did not fall to sleep

At ease and in peace

Finally, oh finally, the fire consumed me

And in immolation do I rest

For I breathed in such life

That I could not die


The Fire that could undo Heaven

And consume Hell demanded more

More breaths and more life

to feed its hunger

for It was my own Hunger

So when I finally left this mortal coil

It too, finally consumed me. 

© 2014 John Holmes

Author's Note

John Holmes
I am unsure on the need for the last section, any comments?

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Added on November 22, 2014
Last Updated on November 22, 2014
Tags: life, existence, strength, love, death, peace, time, heaven, hell


John Holmes
John Holmes

United Kingdom

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