The Real Hypocrite

The Real Hypocrite

A Poem by SmileBig :)

You are the biggest hypocrite I know, and I don’t mean that kindly.

I don’t mean it in a way to say that i love you anyway,

Because i don’t and I probably never will.

I mean it in the worst type of way possible.

You tell me to make friends

and you don’t have many, after a year of trying,

you tell me that I'm the one to blame for my misfortunes

but you’re the one blaming everybody else.

You tell me that I'm supposed to be happy,

but you’re the one crying in your room every night, begging for the terror of the darkness to end.


You are the biggest hypocrite i know, and I don’t mean that kindly,

you make jokes about being too fat or too skinny,

yet you’re the one barely eating because you think your weight is ugly.

you yell at me when I’m venting about my problems and say its for attention,

but you’re the one that tells me to talk about them.

If I walk away, you get angry and scream,

but if you walk away, i don’t get to do a damn thing.

You tell me to be calm about everything,

but you’re the one who can’t get your knuckles to stop bleeding.


You are the biggest hypocrite i know, and I don’t mean that kindly,

you tell me all the right things to do, and to say,

yet you can’t do anything you tell me today, or last week, or last month,

you try your best, but you never truly succeed at any advice that you give to me,

it’s easy to give advice…but it’s harder to take your own.


The biggest hypocrite I know…and I don’t mean this kindly

is me. 

© 2017 SmileBig :)

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Added on May 6, 2017
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SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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