Puppetry for the Forgotten

Puppetry for the Forgotten

A Poem by SmileBig :)

I became lost to the world 

Unspoken, unworded, unimportant 

I became the master of myself 

The only person out there for me was me 

and I guess you could call that lonely 

But for me its called individuality 

See, people created me like a puzzle, 

they built me, molded me like I was art 

and that was only the start 

Then they began to take me apart 

They take a piece of my brain, a piece of my heart 

they took some of my spine, and some of my ear 

But they replaced all of it with fear

All of it with self hatred, aggression, anger 

Paranoia, attachment, and….love. 

Self abuse+ loneliness equaled depression as the sum 

and I sunk. 

They continued to mold, society continued to build me 

The way they wanted me to be 

And I was their puppet hanging off the strings 

until the strings broke and I was dangling from a cliff 

Uncertain about the things that I actually wanted 

Because I wasn’t sure who I was anymore 

I was a wallflower on a broken door 

Broken into pieces by people I was supposed to love 

and people who were supposed to love me 

But eventually, I became free 

Hanging from that cliff taught me to see differently 

not to be shaped anymore by society 

I needed to shape myself based on what I saw 

My emotions, they had to be real, they had to be raw 

not the fake emotions I’ve been taught 

I refuse to be again caught 

by the strings of the people who pulled me and pushed me 

The people who stretched me to my limit 

and told me that I deserved it. 

The life that I lived in the past was not what I deserved 

The life that I lived now is the life that I have earned 

I no longer let people use me as a puppet, play me like a toy 

I am no longer the decoy of someone who needs a friend 

I am my owner, I am not meant to blend 

into the world, I am meant to stand out, to succeed 

and to do that I will follow myself and only me. 

Don’t get me wrong, some people can help, 

independence only goes so far to help yourself 

But those people who drag me down are not real 

I will block them out, defiance my shield. 

I am my own master, 

and I will become better with time, 

I will live, I will strive, 

Me, myself, and I. 



© 2017 SmileBig :)

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It's sad how unfortunate incidents and heartless people could poison an honest person's heart. I sympathize with the person in the poem for I, too, experienced the same.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2017
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SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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