Meditation and Mediation

Meditation and Mediation

A Poem by SmileBig :)


Deep breath in, deep breath out

That’s what they say to me as I sit on the floor

With crossed legs and an open heart

I let go of my body.

I let go of the evil consuming my spirit

I let go of the pain

Of the deep sharpness of my breath

And I let go of myself.

My mind does not wander,

My head is light

My neck is not strained anymore

My shoulders and arms tingle

As my hands lie still in my lap…

My chest is loose,

My stomach moving in and out

As I inhale, and exhale

My inhales giving me strength,

My exhales letting go of my fears of being weak.

I focus simply on breathing.

My hips and my legs are still,

My muscles do not pound in exhaustion,

My feet are motionless as well,

My entire being…relaxed.



For these thirty minutes, I am completely at peace.

No stress,

No anxiety,

Just me.

Just the air.

Just my breath

Completely and utterly existing. 

© 2017 SmileBig :)

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Breathing is the simplest thing to do and we all do it. So simple but effective can help to centre and see things differently

Posted 6 Years Ago

That's the sweetest way of making people understand the benefits of meditation. People normally think how painful it can be to sit in a particular posture do hours, but at the end it does produce results. It's a great poem. I love it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2017
Last Updated on May 6, 2017


SmileBig :)
SmileBig :)

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