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This is just a guid of what to expect from my page. It's not in any way meant to be a form of authority over viewers or any sort of thing like that.


El Disclaimer

This writing will be all about things to expect, or things to not expect from me. It's not so much a code or a dogma of sorts, but more of a guideline. I believe all things have exceptions and I would hope you come to learn that I am a reasonable guy when it gets to the bare bones of it all. I'll sort this one up into sections that I may edit in the future, but here is my first attempt at a spectacular disclaimer ^^

My personality

Whoa what? But Deviant, you just said that you were writing a disclaimer, not a biography! If this was your first thought of the section header, then I assure you this is relevant. I want to clear up any personality perks that I have which could be misconstrued easily. As I will explain in a second, I won't beat around the bush. I am straight forward and to the point when it comes to the internet. When I have that face to face interaction, not so much. I'm usually too... nice to say things that I'm thinking in as blunt a way as possible. Online is a different story, I will call things as I see them and in result people often find me an inconsiderate person. To pick up what I am putting down, you will more than likely need to ignore the sharp tongue of mine to hear my thoughts. I do not mean to offend, that is just how I am. Thin-skinned people I do not recommend to stay in my presence for too long. You may find that we are incompatible, however you may continue at your own risk.

The second thing is that I come off as an arrogant bigot at times. I apologize in advance if this is the case. I am simply a man with a certain way that I like to do things, as with everyone else. I get agitated rather quickly when people say that I am wrong for completing things in a way other than what is expected. I am not wrong, I just think differently than you. Be open minded with me as best as possible and I shall return the favor. Show me kindness and respect and I shall mirror this, then we will get along without issue.

The final point will be a relatively simple one.... swearing. I am the type of person who swears quite frequently in real life. It is not because I believe it makes me cool, it is not because I have a problem watching my mouth, it is simply because that is how I word things around people whom it is acceptable around. Because I swear like a cab driver does not mean I will be dropping F-Bombs around an elderly nursing home when I visit my grandmother. I was brought up with more respect than that. I swear a lot however my selection of cuss words are simply a small set of curses. Otherwise it is fairly clean, and if this bothers you then let me know. I have no intention of swearing often when online however. I need to actually think about how to word a message with text, you don't get a lot of time to think of what to say to people. So I think this isn't much of an issue there, however be prepared to see some "Damn"s, "S**t"s, "Hell"s, and possibly some "F**k"s and "B***h"s. The last two will be rare to see in my writing if even at all, but I believe swears to be an effective way to express emotion in a simple and concise way without over thinking. Let's be adults here people, swearing is everywhere. Knowing this however I will try everything in my power to keep it minimal.

Basic info and my style...

When it comes to creative things that I do in my spare time, I am open to suggestion. I will hear out anyone with feedback that they wish to give, however be reasonable. I'm not going to rewrite an entire story because you disliked that climax of it. I'm a fairly lazy individual and don't often go too far out of my way for myself, let alone random folk on the internet.

I wanted to hit this one first mainly because of my little project, Tempest. This is the name I have given to a comic series I had initially started awhile back. I wished to draw it all out and it came out fairly good. There was only one issue however, I lost interest in keeping the drawing output up, and it took far too long. Not long after I decided to turn it into a 2D RPG game on a well known program. This was tedious but more my style of dealing with things (If you read the “Le Me” story I wrote, you would know I'm a programmer). However, I do not have 65$ to pay for the full software experience therefore, I was limited and could not complete the project. I've come to realize the most efficient way to finish this was to write about it as the ideas flowed into my head. I am not a conduit of creative energy, I do not come up with great ideas all the time, or at a moment's whim. They just occur to me and I use them, so as I put up chapters about tempest they will not be in order of the storyline. As I piece it together I will fix it up. Be prepared for plot holes folks, there will be many and you may become lost. Simply ask me things that I don't explain well and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

What exactly does this long paragraph I just wrote mean? Well, to be honest it is simply an explanation for my next guideline. Anything involving the character designs (personality I mean) for Tempest is done and finished. Any of the main characters within the story and some side characters are considered complete, and I'm not willing to change anything major. I'll make tweaks that I may have missed, but I will not go back and change everything because you dislike the fact that the main character's partner is a mischievous joker. It's kind of like writing a 30 page research paper and you ask a friend to look it over. Imagine this person telling you that you need to change your entire introduction paragraph and thesis sentence. This in theory would make you have to rewrite most of the body, if not then all of it. It is only reasonable to expect this person to accept the faults and deny the request to change it. I am using this opportunity to fully build the structure of the Tempest plot.

Social Interaction

All my life, I have always been rather hesitant to be the leading man in a conversation. It's not because I am not a socialite, but rather that I enjoy my solitude and silence. An introvert, if you will. Although I prefer seclusion, I will answer any and all honest attempts to grab my attention. If you need to know something about my writing or wish an error to get fixed then message me. I'll get back to them in my own time however (I'm very forgetful and I don't mean to ignore people). If you want to message me to say you like the story I just posted, then do it. If you simply want to message me to say “Hey you! Your profile picture looks like a weird little gnome!” then by all means, send it. You may get a witty reply in response. I have a wide ranging sense of humor, try me.

Role playing is a big one I want to hit. These kind of sites often are big on it. I am familiar with role playing, however nor do I practice it. If I am asked to participate in a role play of some sort (or not, I have no idea what WritersCafe is notorious for) I will most likely be willing to give it a shot. Just remember that I may be delayed in response at times because I have forgotten ^^;

~This is all for now|TheSilentDeviant~

© 2014 The Silent Deviant

Author's Note

The Silent Deviant
This guide is simply something I can refer to in the future for repetitive questions that may occur, in which I would have answered multiple times. I am not a fan of repeating myself so I figured I'd be straight up about it.

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Added on January 28, 2014
Last Updated on February 3, 2014
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The Silent Deviant
The Silent Deviant

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