Filled out Role-Play Template

Filled out Role-Play Template

A Story by The Silent Deviant

This is what the Template should look like when it is filled out. It is also my role-play character I will be using.


~”The difference between two swords and one? Skill, nothing more.”~

Name: Tristram Delarue

Nicknames: Vella often calls him “Triss”, although he doesn't approve of it

Age: 20, May 6

Weight: 142 lbs

Height: 6'0”

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Eye Color: Light Blue

Dominant hand: Right

Zodiac: Taurus

Blood Type: O

Likes: Relaxing, a good fight or challenge, sarcasm, jokes, good people

Dislikes: Work, people who are too serious, ill-natured people, broccoli

Quirks/Hobbies/Habits: Finds enjoyment in making fun of everything in a sarcastic way, turns battles into a game or competition (think Gimli and Legolas from the Lord of the Rings)

Physical Appearance: A fairly tall individual with black hair that is fairly long. Almost like a girl's really (it reaches his should blades). He weilds two blades that are both very similar, and walks around with a pure white dress shirt and a pair of black leather pants. The shirt is never tucked in, and he has a series of chains on his left hip

Education: Currently a hero at the Denerim sanctuary, smart but never has the drive

Family: Unknown

Status and Money: Based on his appearance it is believed he has a fair amount of wealth, but it's uncertain.

Possessions: Wears a matching bracer and necklace with the same bird symbol on it. A family crest perhaps?

Beliefs/Values/Religion: No decided religion, but has a strong desire to be a morally correct person. Very compassionate person, tends to get side tracked a lot helping people.

Ambition: To become stronger and faster as a dual swordsman to join the Tempest War

Fears: Senseless loss of life. Any life, not just close people, or even just at people.

Attitude: Goofy, sarcastic and funny individual with a strong sense of compassion. Is never too busy to help a person in need.

Notable Relations: Best friends with Vella from the Sanctuary

Flaws: Easily distracted through humane decisions, not strongly magic-oriented, never serious about much

Strengths: Headstrong, righteous, incredibly skilled in Melee combat (especially speed)

Talents: Able to multitask easily, therefore dual wielding is second nature, can make near any situation a light-hearted one.

Race/Classifications: Would be considered in this world to be your typical Europian descent male. Going by skin tone of course. But do keep in mind Azerus doesn't exactly have races really, since this universe is purely magical. (Meaning there aren't climates or anything, simply magic distorting the way the area operates)

Description: Tristram is a fairly upbeat individual with a good sense of humor that tends to tire out more serious people. As mentioned multiple times throughout this document, he is a very compassionate person who will stop at nothing to help anyone with even the most simple problems. He simply loves helping people (A good idea to put in your head for comparison to this man is Zidane from final fantasy IX).

He is generally a solitary person who keeps to himself and does things solo, but yet ironically he loves human interaction and welcomes company. The reason why he goes solo might have something to do with his ability for getting side tracked by helping people with simple everyday problems.

Tristram enjoys what he does, and although it might take him 3 days to complete one task at the sanctuary, (due to the fact that he spent the first 2 days running around for the townsfolk), he doesn't mind it.

© 2015 The Silent Deviant

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The Silent Deviant
Same notes that may have been present in the template. Nothing new here.

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Added on July 3, 2015
Last Updated on July 3, 2015
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