Prologue/Chapter one: The brotherhood of hunters

Prologue/Chapter one: The brotherhood of hunters

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

You know how every family seems to have that typical thing they do well my families a little different instead of being good engineers, computer wiz’s, business managers, or a family of plumber’s. We have a special role in life being hunters of ghosts, monsters, demons, pretty much anything that goes creeping and/or killing at night, and you might say well that sounds normal anybody could do it, you’d think but nope only specific bloodlines down generations are born with an innocence that shoots like a spear from our chest when we reach a certain age of 15/16, differs with the person but it always happens. The object that shoots from our chest is a weapon to defend the human race from anything that opposes or wishes to cause great pain and/or suffering. Now at this point you could be asking “well wait ghosts, monsters, and demons are real?!” Yes, but don’t freak out most are extinct or in hiding but they still are very much so real. As far as angels go they only want to help themselves or their cause but there still are truly good ones. There also is another defender of the human race magicians, sorcerers, warlocks, but there just like a coin all double sided they can be good one second and helping you but in another there stabbing you in the back, Most of them get tempted by dark magic’s or demonic power. Now you might ask “so none of your kind go evil” yes many do but they don’t live to tell that tale…


Beep!Beep!Beep! Rang an alarm clock as it shook falling off the edge of a desk, next to an arctic cameo blanket covered bed where an arm shoots out grabbing the alarm clock inches away from the ground. From underneath the blankets arises a just waking up teenager looking about 16 with short spiky caramel brown hair and emerald green eyes dragging himself into the bathroom he takes a steaming hot shower and does his business before heading to his closet grabbing a t-shirt that read “Non-flammable.. Challenge accepted”, blue jeans, tan leather jacket with grey hood, and leather boots then heads out his door, down the hallway jumping down four steps of stairs threw a kitchen grabbing piece of toast fresh out of the toaster then out his door revealing the coldness, and wilderness of Alaska. As he walks to sidewalk putting in ear buds from iPod, he throws a skateboard on the ground a rides it to school. On his way to school he sees his mom’s car pass by with his two older sisters Mary and Isabel, and fraternal twin brother Tomas 

© 2013 TimelordReaper

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Added on July 13, 2013
Last Updated on July 13, 2013



Tempe, AZ

I love to write, it is my passion! I love reading, watching movies of all genres, and watching tv! I enjoy watching anime, and reading manga. I am starting to draw, but I rarely do I prefer to writ.. more..