Chapter one: Wings of angels

Chapter one: Wings of angels

A Chapter by TimelordReaper

A boy looking about 17 with neon blue hair and eyes is floating in space above earth legs crossed, meditating just listening to the people move and talk below. Some are tucking in their children just before they fall asleep, some are shopping at stores discussing what they wish they could buy, some are drawing there last breath as they stare into the face of their killer. Many different aspects of life flying threw his head going as fast as millions miles a minute, but it all suddenly stopped and he just hears a faint “help.. me… Castiel” and he knows the voice it’s his friend Nona who is an archangel, and stands up looking around earth searching for any other sign of her but nothing. Again he hears a faint “help… me” and looks to where it’s coming from and it’s in coming from a place only angels talk about going.. its hell… Two glowing blue wings same color of his hair shoot out of his back and he clenches his fist and punches straight down into hell.

Appearing before a haunting cathedral with broken windows and cracked walls as he stares at his surroundings everything is basically on fire and everything is made of bone flesh and pools of blood with the wailing of millions of tortured souls as more fall from the pitch black ceiling into the fire and devastation that awaits them. He turns back to the cathedral knowing he can’t save them and opens the doors to see one women sitting in a chair on the other end of the room, with a red carpet leading to her he steps in and instantly teleports faster that a blink of an eye next to her placing his hand on her forehead “do I need to smite you heathen or can you just confess so I still smite you” Cas says all she does is look up at him and smile vanishing in  black smoke to the middle of the room where six demons drop from the ceiling “I thought I smelled more filth” Cas says with a smirk as he charges into this fight vanishing and popping up behind two of the demons just instantly smites them then grabs another flying into the air throwing him out a window into the ever burning fire. Turning around still in the air he uses his wings to slice the three rest in half shaking the black blood off his wings splattering the walls “now then shall I repeat myself” all this women does is shake her head “no” eyes wide as he is right in front of her “where is she?” and she just points to a door that’s behind the chair he looks back at her “So can I g-” she asks as he shoves his arm into her chest ripping out her black heart “huh you do have one, I owe Balthazar that drink now” he says under his breath then turns and walks straight to the chair flinging it out of his way and bursting open the door to reveal a girl with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, and four wings strung up with chains, some shooting threw her wings or pierced to her skin but a couple feet off the ground with some dark featured man with two horns like a rams curved backwards stroking her cheek until he notices she looks at something “How nice of you to join us Castiel I do miss your company though she’s so boring only screamed for a couple hours of torturing while you screamed the whole time like a little girl” he says with a evil chuckle as he turns around fiery red eyes gazing straight at Cas. He moves forward but is choked and lifted into the air by this devilish demon “pathetic pigeon did you not learn anything from our last encounter?” the devil says with a stomach turning grin Cas tries to speak but just chokes on his words “what was that” the devil says leaning Cas in “ I said Yes you naïve b***h” Cas says spitting on his face and pushing him off pulling out a glowing white blade that makes this devils eyes open wide with fear “Is that fear I see funny coming from you” Cas says as he teleports behind him piercing the blade threw his black heart then decapitating him “just to be sure” Cas says turning around floating up to Nona placing his hand on her cheek and as he touches her all the chains vanish and he catches her carrying her out of the cathedral as if they were just married except what’s waiting for them isn’t beloved friends and relatives it’s an army of demons and Cas just stares up at the ceiling and closes his eyes listening for something.. anything as the demons are charging getting closer and closer inches away trying to grasp one of them to rip them limb from limb but just before they do he hears children laughter and opens his eyes as they appear in the middle of a playground then teleporting again but this time to a place above the clouds and as they appear Nona is instantly healed and he sets her on her feet “Are you going to be okay Nona?” Cas asks softly placing a hand on her shoulder “uh yeah.. and thanks but I should probably go report in” she says moving his hand walking away “uh yeah ok I understand” Cas says scratching the back of his head then walks away to the garden of Eden and as he reaches a clearing to a waterfall that connects to a pond with breath taking beauty as he walks across the water in front of the water fall he sits down and crosses his legs and begins to meditate

© 2013 TimelordReaper

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