Beautiful Demons- Prolouge

Beautiful Demons- Prolouge

A Story by Tiffany Elise

One of my horrors... I'm not putting an age limit but if you don't like graphic things or scary thoughts I wouldn't suggest reading this one.


Marisol looked into the eyes of darkness, and the darkness looked her right back. The dark eyes of the creature were blood red and glowing with evil. They drew her in with the hypnotic crystals that seemed to be present inside of them, reflecting back Marisol's emotions. The blood red eyes never blinked.

The figure stepped out of the darkness and stared at her in the eyes. A cloak covered the figure. It dragged on the floor and a hood covered the girl's hair. The cloak was a shiny black velvet. At the end, covering the figure's feet it was a red velvet. The hood was outlined in a golden thread. She was beautiful. Her face was clear and amazing. Just looking at the creature made Marisol's head spin.

"Hello Marisol," the girl spoke in a sweet tone, without an expression on her face. The more Marisol listened, and thought about it the more the tone became bitter-sweet.

The girl raised her arm. she extended her fingers. Marisol screamed. She had claws as fingernails and they were coming for her. The figure kept her arm out, claws extended, and began to talk again.

"I am a demon. Not just a regular demon, a demon angel. I come from hell, my dear. I could make this painful for you, but I won't. You see, hell is a complex place." Marisol sat there captivated by her features and blood red eyes. She couldn't look away, even though she wanted to more than she wanted it to be just a dream.

"Hell wants you, Marisol. I'm here to collect something. Do you know that when killed by a demon YOU become a demon? I'm sure you don't because most humans are not complex enough to understand that there are some things they CANNOT understand," said the dark angel.

Marisol tilted her head a little to think and as she did that the demon snapped. She hissed and scratched Marisol's neck. Her blood ran down. Her blood had turned a bright red because of the demon's mark. The demon hissed again and scratched Marisol's cheast in the shape of an X with her fingernail, now stained with blood.

She dropped to the ground with a final scream. Her soul had left to hell, with the demon that had claimed her life. Her body lay there scratched, bloody, and lifeless.

© 2011 Tiffany Elise

Author's Note

Tiffany Elise
New series since I killed one of the characters in the other one....

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wow. this story is interesting. are you write more?

Posted 10 Years Ago

Terrific! Sufficiently creepy and gory, just the way I like it! There are some sentence structure issues, but I'm happy to see you care about spelling and punctuation. You tell a really good story with just the right amount of detail. Your description of the demon was great. I would have liked to know what Marisol looked like and what their surroundings were like, besides just "darkness". So will we be seeing Marisol coming back as a demon?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2011
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Tiffany Elise
Tiffany Elise

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