It's like Romeo and Juliet

It's like Romeo and Juliet

A Poem by Tiffany Elise

Forbidden love definentally is the best now isn't it?


Its forbidden love,

A Romeo- Juliet tale,

So here it goes,

Story  unveiled.


Half a year ago,

I fell in love with your eyes,

Then your smile and then you,

The guy I once despised.


Then we became good school -friends,

In about three days,

Good friends outside of school,

Since early May.


I started to think,

I started to dream.

About your eyes,

And what they mean.


But my mom and dad,

The only complication,

Me their only daughter,

Me their concentration.


I’m supposed to be their baby,

And to them you’re not protective,

To them I’m a child,

And love is ineffective.


So I’m forbidden to see you,

At least for right now,

Until I find a way to prove it,

Or to sneak out.


Because I won’t stop talking to you,

Not anytime soon,

If they think that,

It’ll be a long June.


Why? Because I’m un-definable,

And I can’t be changed,

I’m the way I am,

Won’t ever be arranged.


I fell in love with him for a reason,

He’s different to me,

And if you can’t see that,

Then you’ll soon see.


I’ll find a way to be with him,

Even if the world tries to tear us apart,

And if it takes a World War III,

Then escape will become an art.


I don’t care what you think of him,

 Because I’m still trying,

And we are in for a war,

We won’t be the ones dying.


Because I’m tired of rules,

I’m tired of opinions,

Because I’m my own person,

And I don’t need regulations.


I stopped listening,

Because I’m in control,

And it’s your fault if you don’t realize it,  

Because you won’t be told.


I’ll just go out and do,

I won’t even ask,

Next time we’re together,

I won’t have to wear a mask.


You don’t have to know,

I sure won’t tell,

And if you feel like figuring it out,

Well then you’re in for hell.


Because I won’t tell you,

And he won’t care enough to,

So then you’re on your own,

Judging by what you knew.


But I’m not going to follow it,

Not that stupid rule,

Because I love him,

And consequences are for fools.


If you really knew me,

You’d know this would occur,

Romeo and Juliet stories mean,

That rules do NOT deter.

© 2011 Tiffany Elise

Author's Note

Tiffany Elise
Soooo not saying who this is about(:

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i love this so cutee your really good at writing

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on June 18, 2011
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Tiffany Elise
Tiffany Elise

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