That Delicate Flower

That Delicate Flower

A Poem by Tsuki Usagi

A poem about who I the authors note for more info on this poem.

I've gone and done it again haven't I?
Gone and fucked things up in my life.
Then again it's nothing new.
So why am I so surprised this time?
I thought I'd finally found happiness,
but I guess it isn't meant to be.
Was I ever truly meant to be happy?
I don't know if I'll be able to wait and see...
People just don't seem to understand,
the delicate flower that is me.
But that's because they never try!
They don't just stop to see!
If they looked close enough at who I am
I'm sure they would come to find,
That I'm not like most girls in this world..
No...because I'm one of a kind.
But no one seems to understand..
they just place me with the others...
But it's because of those kind,
that the world has such young mothers.
I'm the kind that just wants happiness..
But I work hard for the final result..
I don't just come and go like most...
no..I lack that fault.
If I'm there,
I'm there to stay
I just may not be who you want me to be..
if not, then push me away.
It's okay to do
It's been done plenty of times.
Once more won't hurt me much.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
But if not, then all I ask,
is that you truly try to see..
Take a closer look
at the delicate flower that is me.
I may be flawed and ugly..
I know I'm not pretty like the rest.
But at least I have my dignity,
and my self respect.
So please..I beg of you..
When next you look at me,
Look at who I truly am!
That delicate flower...
that just wants to be happy.....

© 2014 Tsuki Usagi

Author's Note

Tsuki Usagi
For those who have read "A renewed Hope" this poem is its sequel. The man that I mentioned in the authors note of that poem, the one that made me happy again...well he turned out to be a fraud. After letting him kiss me I asked him what he was looking for in our relationship and I regret asking. He told me he didn't want a relationship...He wanted to be friends with benefits. All I needed was a friend...but he didnt want that either. It was sex or he wasnt happy. But I'm not one of those girls who just sleeps around, But so far since the breakup no one seems to understand that. This poem is about my frustration and who i really am and how i wish to be seen...

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Added on August 31, 2014
Last Updated on August 31, 2014
Tags: flower, delicate, men, anger, frustration, confusion, happiness


Tsuki Usagi
Tsuki Usagi

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