A Poem by Mr 2five

Whenever we sleep it always feels like our spirit travels to different world. This world can sometimes be a bad one.

Heard whisperings
Hundreds of voices
Thousands of murmurings
Millions of echoes
But faceless crowd

Spear striking ground
Earth quivering
And pillars of city shaking

Hearing loud chantings
With all pointing at me
Kill him,kill him,kill him
Kill him,kill him!

But I knew the secret
Opening my eye started my flight
My village my room I found myself

Awake with fears
"I took the wrong path"I said
Scared to go back in bed
But hoped my flight would take me elsewhere..

© 2020 Mr 2five

Author's Note

Mr 2five
Some dreams can burry sleep deep in the eyes for days..
The city under your pillow that day was a bad one

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Your title is what originally drew me in. It is dynamic and mysterious and feels like the perfect description for what I've read in the poem when I reach the end. What I really appreciated about the poem was that it never said anything about dreams, but instead evoked the dream. There is the cloudy atmosphere of the dream and the disconcerting way we wake from dream wondering if we did actually experience the thing that seemed so real only moments ago.

For me that sense is a really strong part of the work. But, I also appreciate the selective details that maintain the theme and keep the poem on a certain path. There is the sense of the biblical to my mind. The dreams one reads about where the dreamer's life is transformed by what is learned in a dream. Really strong work.

There are a couple of small points that might benefit from editing. First, grammatically, chanting's would be chantings in stanza 3. In stanza 4, new would be knew. In the final stanza, the quotation marks would go around the speech rather than around the I said, and to keep things grammatically sound, you could phrase the last line:

I hoped my flight would take me elsewhere

As the past tense 'hoped' needs to be paired with a past tense verb.

I really enjoyed this poem, and look forward to reading more of your work. There is a great spirit about it.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Perhaps the next dream will take you to a more pleasant place...no one wants to be pointed out to be killed..nicely expressed and well penned.....

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Mr 2five

2 Weeks Ago

Thanks for your wonderful review

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Mr 2five
Mr 2five

Nzema, Western , Ghana

Philip Akenyah Kaku popularly known as Mr 2five is a young poet who is always inspired by his surroundings. Aside having passion for writing he is also a showbiz analyst at Hope FM 107.1 more..


A Poem by Mr 2five


A Poem by Mr 2five