The Perfect Bubble

The Perfect Bubble

A Poem by TwoDaysTooLate



You’re trying to design a family,

Somewhere you can stay,

A perfect little bubble of joy,

I’m sorry if it were to burst today.


That letter came in the post last night,

I hid it so you wouldn’t see,

I didn’t want you to read it yet,

Because you’d blame me.


You see me through two sea green eyes,

I see you through mine,

I see the concern written on your face,

And yet like always, you’re fine.


She thinks you should read the secrets,

The letter has inside,

But I know you’ll go quickly downhill,

Like a childish slippery slide.


I show her the manila envelope,

With the black stamp,

She gasps and shakes and starts to cry,

It’s come from base camp.


Together we open the envelope,

Dreading what’s inside,

But we try to stay together,

Like two children trying to hide.


She pulls out the piece of card,

Trailing black lace,

I try and try so hard to talk,

But she hides her face.


She still thinks I should show you,

The paper and lace,

It isn’t good news I’m afraid,

It’s a very sorry case.


You take in the printed script,

The border of black,

We are now in mourning for,

The man who never came back.


You look at me with accusing eyes,

Daring me to tell,

Why I hid that stupid letter,

While your husband fell.


I turn to leave, I turn to go,

I can’t stay any more,

You’re already mourning one,

You’ll mourn another for sure.


You found me limp the next day,

With lifeless staring eyes,

Now you know I can’t cope,

When somebody dies.

© 2016 TwoDaysTooLate

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Added on April 12, 2016
Last Updated on April 12, 2016



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