Chapter One - Testing The Odds

Chapter One - Testing The Odds

A Chapter by USWriter

At seventeen Ivy Spiers was having her first close sexual encounter. Normally she wasn't a bad kid but this year something had changed, something no one could seem to put a finger on. She was out of control and was testing her boundaries. To everyone else, she was slowly spinning out of control.

The lies came one after the other and the list of guys she was meeting just kept piling up. Granted, she wasn't sleeping with any of them but it wasn't like she didn't dream of it either.

Everyone seemed clueless to what was going on when this all started. She had always been the perfect child in everyone's eyes and no one expected anything like this from her. It wasn't like she was going to take the chance of confiding in anyone about her adventures, not even her best friends. They only knew that she was hanging out with guys she met online and thought she was crazy enough for that.

Ivy mulled over the day before with this mystery guy as she tried on the collared shirt and the black pants in the Kohl's dressing room. She wanted to see him again but at the same time her mind was telling that what they had done was wrong and could have gotten them both into trouble. She began to worry but tried to push it out of her mind as she tried on the rest of her clothes.

There was no way she could tell her mother about all of this, especially after her mother had lectured her on how important her future was and how she couldn't jeopardize it just yesterday. The more she thought about it, the sicker she made herself. By the time she got home she felt like she was going to throw up. But at the same time she knew that if he asked her to go out again, she would say yes. Plus she was hoping to go out with another guy the following afternoon. There was no stopping her now.

She was laying at home in bed when she felt her phone vibrate. She saw it was one of her good friends and in the midst of her worry she was tempted to say something but decided on inviting Lilith to Halloween Horror Night with her and her friend Danny.

She and Danny had become close this year. They hung out during school and sometimes even found time to hang out after school. She hasn't really thought of him in that way but there were times where she wished she had a boyfriend who was as nice as him. She had never had a boyfriend and was just looking for someone to be there with her.

She enjoyed hanging out with her mom but it wasn't the same as having a guy in your life. It got lonely even having a best friend who lived three minutes away. They hardly ever saw each other and her friend was always talking to her boyfriend or out with him. It just wasn't fair!

She sat on the bed as she waited for a reply from Lillith but have up after five minutes. She turned on the tv and laid back and stared at the TV, wanting to get her mind off of everything for a while.

She was only able to finish half of the episode she was on before she sat up and pulled her computer on her lap, googling pregnancy and ways to get pregnant. That's how she spent the next hour before her mom walked in and told her to finish her homework then get to bed. Tomorrow was another day of school and hopefully she could go out with this other mystery guy afterwards. That would certainly help her forget.

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Added on September 17, 2013
Last Updated on September 18, 2013