Am I Making This Up?

Am I Making This Up?

A Story by UncleFossil

Sometimes one has to think that what they seen on -- do you sometimes think I am making up the ghoulish things I write about sometimes, Controversial horror author weighs in on a video...


I am going to share rather some unnerving s**t. I've found on and some of my contracts on facebook follow this one. When you saw the one minute til the witching hour.  As I noticed some of my classmates watch this one closely. 

        It's safe to say one does wonder if she takes Amos 5:10 to heart when she does her series of in depth video blogs.. According to what I observed; and the video I saw of hers.  I will say she speaks of in her videos calls to mind my early horror material -- this is the most macabre blog entry I've done with this blog; and I don't realize I have 400 followers on here.   The former classmate who’s The Pastor's wife -- will wake up screaming when I share some of these traits. 

     This is the s**t of nightmares. I am doing a story which addresses hypocritical televangelists within my novella Legend Keeper. This woman is an Evangelist who has very minimal funding and had e-mailed an invitation to her to share some of her nightmares for my magazine. She is rather in depth with her video blogs and the one I am going to share with some of you is from Decemberish of 2013. Some of you who are fans of Coast to Coast AM; these video blogs she does you might find intriguing. Reminds me of what Brian W. Keen from Tabloid Purposes IV had said if I've heard this program; this is the second time this was mentioned to me. As Coach mentioned this program when he was planning the sequel -- Shatner on the Plane, I do know where that originated. He got the idea for this one when I mentioned Richard Matheson's short fiction. 

     As my friend DieTech Thrall had referenced The Book of Revelation on Beauty in the Suffering as an influence. My educated guess there came from when he's been around Kristov and his family; as Kristov's family are devote Christians. I am waiting for Rod Serling to pop out of nowhere and say, "Submitted for your approval when superstition becomes a known reality...." The image I did a rendition of is going to be from a site I found on the web about the two witnesses; as I had seen when I've watched Left Behind II: Tribulation Force. Someone had said its horror short story; and I wish I was making this s**t up -- but looking at this, this Coast to Coast AM material; and her videos are like watching a Coast to Coast AM. Anita with her video -- she would be a good addition to the Tabloid Purposes roster with some of things she mentions, it's really fucked up Oh my f*****g God! (Anita, I do apologize for the hardcore profanity -- I am just shocked at some of things you've have spoken of within your report. This is the subject matter all of us on the Lake Fossil Press; I am trying to sell something of mine just so I can pay the light bill.)

 This video she did runs about a half an hour and when she was speaking briefly about when she came to her faith in God " well it would fall with the age I started writing science fiction. This you see from her December video -- is what in the horror community will be known as horror fact; as when I wrote my true paranormal accounts. When I was reading up on her website " some aspects would have some parallels to my memoir had my own life in some ways as my father left me when I was 3 years of age. I never engaged in occult activity though and she's spoken about does God talk to us through our nightmares too. That's part of the reason I invited her to contribute to my magazine if she wants to relate some of her own nightmares for the magazine -- since she was born in 1978; she's eligible for the project I am doing. I had invited her to thumb around my blog and had favorite one of her tweets out of morbid curiosity. As there will be those who might be offended by what she says; I am not going to let her hold back as I told her if she jumps in the fire with The Ethereal Gazette in the relaunch. She's about getting people saved. I told her be subtle in my e-mail because I am trying to get her read and seen in places where normally I am able to go myself without any trouble. I am leaving her room to do this after she's published as I am going to play my Rod Serling role to introduce her if she's willing to join me on the magazine when I re-launch.

I am not a superstitious type and she might look at me as a little strangely because I do believe the supernatural that also has something else including angels and demons. That something else is what the paranormal community is quite familiar with; there are some who will question her but she's gotten a lot of hits on her videos. The question is where she goes around obtaining the footage for her report. She has about 900 followers on twitter and some of my contacts via facebook " well my personal facebook I have about as many people also connected to me there. While I am working on the story Legend Keeper and that's 18,000 plus words for my metafictional horror output. I spoke to Reed from Two Ton Anvil some about what I was exploring in terms of ideas seeing 2014 (as this being as Joseph Armstead words it our here and now.) I am writing this one as future history from the perspective of 1988-1989. I am addressing Jimmy Swaggard in the story and of the one who had been a young earth creationist who defrauded the taxes and owed enough money to almost buy Ozzy Osbourne's place.

 She looks up the headlines and s**t like that " meaning she's has traits of an investigative journalist. I found her when she was speaking about pop princess Katy Perry doing a Satanic ritual. I am going to look up that one from other sources too because what she did could mirror some of my roster's horror fiction. All joking aside with this one as we all know Katy Perry carries herself as a squeaky clean type; normally who is photographed looking like a club kid on crack. The one they speak of with the highest amount of Controversy will have to be her performance of Dark Horse. What I am speaking of here as in her performance on the Grammy Awards I am expecting this more with Cradle of Filth or Marilyn Manson, but I see what Dani does more like a horror movie because at the root he's a writer and has worked for a newspaper. Though he doesn't believe in God, his marriage seems more like a very solid marriage that mirrors my mother's marriage as they've been married for quite some time too.

  I noticed she weighed in on the Bloodmoon too and I am going to link that blog entry up to this one in case all of you had missed that one. I had gone in great depth with that blog entry as I did with two blog entries back on this blog. This is going to be rather in-depth too. The entry I did where Christianity mirrors a horror film" and that would be the one where I used a photo of Industrial Metal performer. The controversial moniker who is known as The Virginia Creeper as he coined himself The Final Prophet " and a few who had gotten mad because he called his album The Gospel Of Virginia Creeper. Like Slayer " I made a career out of chronicling the dark side; and that's not going to end. Because I believe in God; that doesn't mean I am going to water what I do down or hold back on what I say as an author. I am working on traits with this novella where some would had called to a Computerized God as Black Sabbath had sang about it " a technical paradise. The question about the last days is a controversial one " as this is the subject matter of dystopia and utopian literature; where one will see a utopia turn into a dark landscape born in dystopia.

 There will be a lot of misery at that time, a kind of misery that has not happened from the beginning of the world until now and will certainly never happen again.” When I wrote The Storms Of Armageddon " I had been trying to picture an apocalypse when it came way of when Mother Nature was a total harpy. Well there are traits of my horror catalog that had taken on elements of The Book of Daniel which was The Old Testament version of The Book Of Revelation.

 And when you hear what Antia speaks about on her channel -- as she has a billboard where she has a digital alarm clock face where it's got the numbers 11:59. If you write horror fiction; you know The Witching Hour -- as I have published Washington Irving in namesake one, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow as he coined the term Witching Hour and Witching Time .(I am taking an educated guess she was reading about two minutes to midnight.) I have Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer blasting on Spotify to help me with this blog posting as I was wondering if DieTech Thrall had a copy of a New Testament to draw ideas from. Sort of like what Trouble did when they started out too. I had someone on make a comment of them saying, “were they reading The Old Testament to come up with dark ideas?” The thing with Katy Perry " she really doesn't understand how to really tackle dark subject matter as I will go into the hurricane when I approach writing horror fiction; as you will hear Katy Perry living in a time machine. When she pulled what she did -- I think she tried too hard to be morbid. She never owned a Black Sabbath album or an Iron Maiden album growing up.

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden when he wrote the lyrics of Number of the Beast, it came from a nightmare he had after watching Damien: The Omen II "- and I could see where he's had nightmares from that film; the footage that this humble lady who has an investigative journalist's eye when doing her vids on some of them are rather lengthy too. I am giving Anita the floor with my blog with some of her own videos so these are posted under fair use of copyright but if you want to look her up I am going to link her account so you can follow her. On her she's got about as many subscribers as the nearly as the population of Wheaton, Illinois, and I gave her references to Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and my material because I am going to show her some techniques to share her narrative if she is game to do this " this is a wary magazine for Christians because they are not used to ghoulish explicit subject matter (we're f*****g lepers, social outcasts.) I am looking at her page about someone getting ordained for 60 bux; I could never be ordained because I am a little R-Rated with what I say and have a fondness for strong language sincere as I am about my faith in God. Some might be shocked at the idea of me being this blunt with my blog; as the Evangelist doing the videos is blunt as well too and looking at her billboards "- it's thought provoking, I will give her lot of credit there. She did her homework on Conspiracy Theories and the New World Order. There are more questions that I am going to prod into a bit there; but I am not going to plunk down $60 to pay for to be an ordained minister because it takes training in a seminary. I am wondering if she went past the main headquarters for the Freemasons in Washington, D.C. I think a book by Dan Brown, the novel Angels and Demons would appeal to her nature.
       The one thing I might give a criticism about is encouraging the idea of homeschooling because you need human interaction " you don't really get that if you are homeschooled; and need to be in real world situations especially if one is going to be an author or a journalist. Jordan, my publisher on Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 said he was homeschooled growing up. I can say this -- well my publishing career as I learned how to become the owner of my imprint; I sort of describe my career as being homeschooled in that sense as being I am self-educated. She used a site that I also used in the first part of the 2000s but lost the passwords too though. I was reading through her site. Some unnerving aspects she mentions the act of self-murder as a pastor's son had died by his own hand. I know that my story I did as my pseudonym, Lloyd Phillip Campbell, titled The Suicide Man, is going to be even more ghoulish when I see this article that she shared of “Is Suicide Forgivable?”

There are questions she does address in a very strong way " some of them are not normally addressed, and more so closely associated with me addressing these things normally with my own subject matter in horror " I am going to invite her to go around my company's storefront.

I know she might be saying something about writing dark subject matter but what she's addressing is dark subject matter. I sincerely hope she doesn't get offended by me getting a little Edgar Allan Poequese with this blog entry, but the kind of thing she speaks about in her video broadcasts " well it sometimes will overlap the horror subject matter I toy with as a writer occasionally as I am broadranged. There only so much you can do about writing about being Christian. When I do science fiction I have a different host of influences to screw with there. But when I see that video from the squeaky clean pop star; that video is kind like watching a Twilight Zone episode in real life " makes you wish Rod Serling or Richard Matheson were still around, because there's a Twilight Zone episode that could been written out of this.

“How can you make a joke that dark about Katy Perry, Nick? That was kinda wrong,” I would see some of her fans trolling me with that remark.

She's toying with things she really doesn’t really understand " or have read horror book for inspirations for something of this nature. I took an educated guess about the Evangelist's birth year; 1978 meaning she would be about 35-36 years old approximately and she's a young Christian doing this. She would be idea for my project then if she'd be interested " I am waiting for her to respond via e-mail. If she get's the editor's choice on this " I will donate it to her ministry. I pulled out a calculator about 2005 and saying she was 27 then; okay pending on her birthday she would fall into that age bracket. If she was in Glendale Heights, Illinois, during the An Eye In Shadows era " the 1992-1993 eras, she would have been a freshman during this particular era. She said she played with the occult " okay I am curious about this because I had seen the unknown when I was 14 on the verge of turning 15 years old. I could be just the person she could talk to about the biological father leaving them " the thing about me even during as a teenager, I always been the strong one in this sense. I am the person who got my best friend off hard drugs and convinced him to finish school and we enrolled into college together " Anita had aspirations to be an actress and a model, well with this project she can still do the modeling thing if she writes about her nightmares and do her PG rated author photo to illustrate the nightmare Some of the things she mentioned on her site " well in some aspects do mirror what Dan Willow went through as he got caught up in the occult. I think having her write out her nightmare would be perfect for this project " she's got the story to tell; as she was interviewed by The 700 Club. October 15, 2010, that's was when I was working on The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 12 and waiting more of the roster for that one " that was two weeks and 4 days before the David Boyer Plagiarism Scandal had been uncovered and I was dragged into it. That's a little more than two years before I ended up going to Richmond, Virginia, and Issue 10 was being promoted hard. Her story as I read it " I was thinking she was living out a Gothic Horror story -- almost like what she was living out was something I could have written is the best way I can word it.

I am going to pull out an entry I wrote, approximately in 2005 but I need to look up the exact date when I wrote this " thanx to; I had been reunited with this one so I can show Anita some of my heresy era material. This being the one as this one is known as The Gathering Sick. I hope she can handle the strong language, heavy metal music and horror references. When I cussed in my comment about Katy Perry -- I wasn't swearing at the Evangelist (well there are websites that are rather critical of her as I learned.) I was shocked thinking, holy f**k!

This will give her some of my own dynamics as a writer; if she studies the short stories I had pointed out of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and one of mine as we're quite similar in styles as writers there. Her website is a curiosity there wondering where the hell did she emerge from; but she doesn't mince words " but I said to her don't censor herself if she wants on this one. Randy Rose in his lyrics said there is no hope in the darker side though the subject matter I explore is that of mental illness and when you explore this subject matter you need a clear head when you've looked into the abyss; and getting into the head of a murderer who was in your homeroom during when one is in seventh grade homeroom with you. It seems when you do something dealing with this and it tormented one for years " guilt haunted me like a damned ghost.

“I learned about that story Nick, it's unflattering " sort of like a bogus bio,” Inmate #B61246 had wrote in his handwritten letter to my P.O. Box in downtown Joliet, Illinois.

He was unaware I have a magazine then became published in print over the years and this story he learned about is The Cabbie Homicide and it also goes by October 13, 1993. Legend Keeper mentions this date in the story and Revisiting The Loss Of Blood I sit down with one of the video crew off record with them; getting candid saying they should be more frightened of me than of Don Henrie. I was thinking, how did Inmate #B61246 know about this one?

 When you've got in the head of a murderer when you were during the heresy era, when you reaffirm your faith in God you figure out ways not to lose the edge you had during this era " as I do believe I am a new incarnation, a version of being faith based that became even more ghoulish in traits that I couldn't believe I was able to do. It is kind of surprising of who I got to work with because to tell you the truth, I don't even believe it sometimes. If some of you are complaining that this blog was too long " I am not going to give any apologies about this because I am going to let you watch the vid; and this the kind ghoulish dark s**t that you don't hear about in those cushy megachurches or that country churches that tend to frown upon those who are longhaired wear black clothes, denim or leather jackets. In closing; I encourage a lot of you to thumb around Anita's vids (put take what she says with a grain of salt.) It might go with what Melissa Whittington had wrote on a website where she uses the “i” word. I am going to link that up if you want to see it as this is pretty damn funny when you see what this word is.

*e n d*

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Author's Note


Sometimes the things I find on YouTube; I was trying to get this on An Author's Blog but this had a lot of span coding and it will be linked to a blog entry I did with a presentation of Metropolis. This one is a new wave of Faith Based who are quite blunt in nature – as she's believe it or not two years younger than me. During the era when I was writing An Eye In Shadows during the 1992-1993 era she would been a sophomore or when I did some of my more macabre stories. This is rather disturbing – she makes reference to zoophilia; this is just fucking shocking – some of the things she poke about I am going. I wish made this up but she came to Christ round the age when I first wrote science fiction. She's reporting the news; but doing a very blunt take on this.
      There are many things one can find on her. There are many spins on her as there are spins with me too; do you believe everything that is said about someone? If you listen to Coast To Coast AM – those who are of the faith based one might check this one out as she was the subject of a 700 Club interview. This individual with her broadcasts I am calling to mind some of my roster over the near decade. As she fell two years after I was born -- where she said she was 27 in 2005. Music played on this is by my friends, Grigori 3. I am looking into this one out of a morbid curiosity -- some might be saying things that are malicious; but I think she needs to come in a little more well read as in picking up Richard Matheson because he had an insight on a generation that wasn't born yet. This one also goes with my blog entry called An Interesting Find. This one is a good chance is also known for some unique controversies of her own -- and one of the controversies is mentioned on this place. I am thinking looking at her vids makes me think this is a Rod Serling story waiting to unfold; I uncovered this one speaking of the same disturbing vid I found too. I am neutral with this one -- I just a damned journalist, I've been a journalist longer than she's been preaching. I've been using to set up to do a documentary myself so I can be used to being in front of the camera. My conclusion she's just a video blogger.

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