Borabyss the Butcher's bio...

Borabyss the Butcher's bio...

A Story by Uncle Spook

Borabyss' bio. Borabyss has lost weight recently, and we're hoping he gains it back. He's been eating skinny chicks recently, so, maybe that has something to do with it!

August 27th, 1977 -- The serial killer that would come to be known in the media as “Borabyss: The Butcher of Placer County” was arrested and taken into custody. The extent of his crimes at that time were not fully known -- Though, these grisly crimes, in time, would come to shock and baffle the once peaceful community where they had occured. From that point forward, his name would become synonymous with the most ghastly and macabre of crimes, perpetrated by the most notorious serial killers; His name forever etched into their higher echelon.

Born Horus-Bartlebe Borabis to Hanley Borabis, a hog farmer, and his wife and sister, Anna, Borabyss was a child of incest, born hideously malformed, with the brain of a perpetual infant. And due to this fact, he was forced to live in the barn with the hogs, his parents ashamed of his deformity and mental shortcomings. The child was physically and mentally abused daily, until he was sold to a traveling freak-show, where he would come to be known as “The Hog Boy.”

But that was only the beginning for Borabyss. Nineteen counts of homocide, necrophilia, cannibalism, grave robbing -- These were only a few of Borabyss’ charges, but he was deemed unfit to stand trial, and so was locked away in a sanitarium -- Cretchmont’s home for the criminally insane. But after only two years, he managed escape, leaving the entire staff either butchered or partially eaten in his wake.

It was not for another several years that Borabyss returned home, where he would murder his mother and father, who years before had sold him to Rasper’s Freak Emporium -- the parents who had abused him, transforming him into the creature he became.

He fed their corpses to the hogs, then, he ate them -- But not before manufacturing a crude mask out of their tanned hide. The mask resembled one of the many animals belonging to the Suidae family. To the layman, a pig. From there he would embark on a murder spree, that would stretch from California, through the deep south, concluding in Louisiana -- Where eventually he would be corralled by an entrepreneur named Cornelius Tott, who had his own plans for the hulking monster.

© 2012 Uncle Spook

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Added on October 23, 2012
Last Updated on October 23, 2012
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