The Light of Jesus Christ: John 1:9

The Light of Jesus Christ: John 1:9

A Poem by Ed

The Light of Jesus Christ: John 1:9
Jesus had said that "I had not come to call the righteous to repentance, but sinners"
The important thing that the Lord was saying was that He is not concerned with those that have properly established themselves and
need no correction, because they live righteously with or without having known Him but even though they do not think of God, are in fact the children of God by being peacemakers, and generally striving for the truth that they hold in the law of their heart and conscientiousness which is found all through out many cultures and societies but not all. The Lord does not condemn people for having not been simply part of a specific understanding of spirituality but what they make of their lives which knowing or not knowingly, do what is acceptable and honorable to the Lord.
Atheist who are truly in disbelief of God, or simply have not made it a aspect of their life to ponder the question of greater meaning,
Spirituality or God, for one reason or another does not exclude them from election. Because they may not know the Lord by knowledge but are very much known to Him by their lives, their actions, and their nature, Their character is indeed of God. And God is as much accepting of those who belong to Him whether of dogmatic dispensation, or simply reflecting in truth of their character.
Love is the law by which all have known life.
and has been shown to be truly what makes us all of one accord.
By this self knowledge and its testing of strength, wisdom
and dispensed to all and The Lord is of compassion and mercy that
the flock of His creation who had no chance to see righteousness
or have had only a mere chance of being lead to the well established Truth because no one is expected to convert and run off from their lives or religion or family by having simply heard of some one speaking of another belief, God, righteousness or authority, are justified by having been innocent by not having convenience of seeing with their own eyes
or holding it with their own hands, or having seen it in their demise.
What would be God if those who were nothing more than lost children of a profane descent knew Him not but only the fallen state of man.
Which has been proven to be partially of man's nature as good men
and good women do exist.
The fallacy of exclaiming to the world that a simple verse in any text whether Holy, Religious, Moral, Philosophical, or
even ideals of solidarity in its common theme to all which we strive to, knowing life and have generally agreed so that indeed are the statutes of life, are not of any political persuasion by the use there of. Because they are universal. We who have been fortunate enough to have it conveniently taught to us in the form of distribution and exegesis through acclimation where ever taught and made known have been given the truth, and justify the wicked if indeed, they have given us that which affirms Life, and does not impede that which was preached. To those who have knowingly made one persuasion or another to exegete a different gospel and a conjecture of truth do not know God. Because they have not acted in good faith
but have rather tarnished the Legacy of what was good, or at least attempted to. And yet they too are justified if not having made their purpose to condemn. To detain is one thing, to lead to condemnation by guilt and mislead by the effort
to imply something of complete subjectivity by the faculty of their God given intellect, are vain and have squandered what has been given to them by God, and are to repent. And hopefully make reparation for their penalty.
Because God does not take such matters lightly.
By this standard, the Lord has never condemned those who were not born into a Christian faith, or were not Hebrew and have had Judaical Doctrine, which was simplified, innovated, and streamlined for generations and times to come, The New Testament, given the Old Testament is still needed.
But simply regardless where they were placed in their disposition in Life, Had life which the God of faith and honor and truth, know them
by Love.
God will judge all for what they have done and know.
This is the reason why people are condemned although they may be part of a church, they may have at one time or another had belief in God
but if they are unrepentant, not striving to repent, maintain conviction although imperfect, losing the sight of God.
New King James Version
That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.
John 1:9

God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is still needed though.

© 2023 Ed

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