Foul Play

Foul Play

A Poem by Ed

An end game analysis essay and an example of how false flags are made and perpetrated at a political level.

It appears that the Isis and other chaos agent organizations in the Middle East who claim to do it under the guise of being of or for the Islamic Faith are under false pretenses, as these organizations are using the religious stance to instigate or provoke a response from the west, who because as much as its discussed there
are many in place to already begin a rhetoric and lobbying game, to make for the political push and advocacy for war. Both sides being of false reasoning, false character, and false representation. While there is the denial of satanism generally
by an aloof sense of complacency and conjecture is dismissed and disregarded as being nothing more than superstition or the subject of mockery to make such a claim that it exists including those who of course are also within the organization itself, it being a religion itself, although is a deception and generally murder, self exaltation
and degeneracy, of no good will. Besides it being denied so much so that it is now being re represented as simply an atheistic humanism secular religion with no actual matters of malevolence or spiritual or supernatural connotations, all the while secret societies and the practices of demonic communication and endeavors being carried forth by what has been
generally the major aspect of Hollywood’s culture and the hidden community of deception that do these things and are practiced by a global death cult who have shown it with the hush symbol of secrecy shown to the public
by the Hollywood’s prominent actors including its branch that is the music industry.
Both the extremists groups, the military west and political administration and Hollywood’s institute of entertainment, distraction and indoctrination, all making for what is
an agreed aspect to carry out a plan for mass genocide on possibly a global scale.
Where Russia and China are included in the endeavor, is yet to be seen since both
are communist parties with mainly dictatorship ideologies.
The extremist groups of the Middle East who claim to be of Islam or Muslim may not be
But using religion and likely working for the same. If there are those who exalt satanism and its other forms including luciferianism through out the world, why wouldn’t there be those in the Middle East who have done the same.
Not being of the Muslim or Islamic faith but generally positioning themselves in the place of jihad and authority to disregard the people of its established community and beliefs for cannon fodder.
If a well established political figure or celebrity is assassinated in the near future as the 2024 elections before or after election become a seeming relevant matter in the public's eye it will more than likely whether self perpetrated as a false flag or not, will be used for the endeavor of propagating war and spear heading the narrative for whats been called the world reset or great reset.
Nationalism being used the same; patriotism, faith, and true Christianity and good will, will be in the
midst of the world war effort to concert a global genocide.
Both implements of biological warfare and genetic vaccination may have likely been used
as application for eugenics.
If virus after virus is let out into the population by what has been made apparent
biological manipulation, and pharmacological alteration to the human genome, through genetic modification then there is the likeliness that the efforts of the
60’s sexual revolution deployed by the cia through administration of drugs which have been affirmed by many government documents as part of mk ultra experiments and has also been stated by documentaries by the History Channel;
persuaded the population along with magic practitioners of Babylonian magic
making the way for once again the acceptance of not homosexuality but the subjectivity and proliferation of any kind of fornication to bring back the culture of Babylon, Egypt, the Roman empire, and what is now a modern full acceptance of
those fallen ages of man of our fallen world to a reemergence of as the times of Noah.
Forsakening man to the will of the Devil, and that the devil having claimed the
authority as man has squandered all of what God has given.
And in doing so being given to the transhumanistic reintegration of nephilim hybridization into the population through the proliferation of defacement of the human identity through what is now known as LGBT+ indoctrination and gender fluidity will no longer be the norm, as there will be no norm.
The 72 gender designation proposal by John Money and its exploration and consideration into the 21st century is likey a major precursor to transhumanism indoctrination for humanity’s future descent, although humanity will no longer be of deemable definition,
As what we will know is as the days of Noah. The lesbian gay bisexual transsexual and they; as a organization had claimed more than these four biases or criteria
to become more as the genetic pollution allows for what people are left to of as
It had been said, transhuman. To what? God knows. I don’t but its become clear
that the devil is at work and the great deception is already in place and has been for sometime. All was required of us to have avoided this was to do three things, Love God, Love our neighbor and fellow man and women and respect them as ourselves and ourselves. And be watchmen on the wall by simply having talked it through rather than avoiding the God given right to critical thinking Not averting the subject of what is a well known fact and not theory as conspiracy is found all through out history and in just about any historical book. The 20th century commodity of convention and entertainment has made for the complacent view that speaking about anything that makes us uncomfortable is somehow a bad thing, although it was through the very means that answers would be found if only we had done so. We had more than 20 years to do so.
The chemtrails in the sky, gmos in our food, engineered nanomaterials polluting the landscape and also being implemented into the food supply, the 5g, 6g or whatever tech that is seemingly being used for what purpose, and genetic alterations by genetic technologies implemented in medicine.
What are we second guessing, since its not speculation. That what was presented to us, was not a Carl Jung view of the world but the work of actual good and evil in the world by forces by which are of just that, that go beyond the purview of man into
what I do not know much about, Truth that goes beyond the realm of what is of man.
God, good, and evil is enough for me to know.
And in the end we will need Jesus Christ; His righteousness, because if there is demons, then there is those that are not. Just as night and day, water and fire, up and down, right and wrong, love and hate, the holy and the profane. Good and evil
God and the devil, creation and destruction, truth and deception, heaven and hell.
Life and death, liberation and enslavement, freedom and imprisonment. The innocent and guilty.
The Holy and profane does not change and thankfully these things do not change.
God is good, and He has already presented us with the truth.
I’m just a man, and I will remain a man till I die.

© 2023 Ed

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Added on September 12, 2022
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Revelation 6:6 Revelation 6:6

A Poem by Ed