My life, colored not black and white-Chapter 2

My life, colored not black and white-Chapter 2

A Chapter by UntoldStory

"Chapter 2!"

The Lark was fancy, really, really fancy. Like fold napkin on your lap pinkie lifting fancy. I looked over at Eli, confused. 
"Relax M." He smiled and took my hand.
I tried but couldn't. M? He had never called me that before. Still, we always acted like we dated... why should this be different? 
Eli had gone out of his way. He had reserved a back room for us, it was small, warm, and cozy. We sat down, gave our order, and then I faced Eli. 
"Ok, what's with this?" I asked glaring and smiling at the same time. 
He shrugged, "Change can be nice." 
I started to calm down. It was all easy, just like we always were. We talked about school, friends, home,music,and our favorite topic, animals. 
The funny thing was me and Eli first saw each other at a animal shelter in 6th grade. I was a regular volunteer and he was coming with his family to adopted a dog. I watched one of the workers show them dog after dog, but they didn't seem right for his family. both his parents wore Nike shoes, and some work out clothes brand I couldn't name. Both his parents looked liked they work out, Eli however was calm and quite. I knew the perfect dog for them. A young golden retriever who was very energetic, but also had a clam side to her. After suggesting that dog they took her home two hours later. A what do you know? That following September I found Eli in my class.
"Now don't give me that look." Eli glanced over and reached for the bill. 
"But do you know how much you're spending? Seriously, let me pay for me." 
I felt bad about him paying! I hated when people did that, it made me feel.... awkward almost. 
"Ok, you can pay for dairy queen ok?"
"Thats not a fair match." I protested. 
"Life inst fair." He grinned. 
"Sure, sure. However one condition." I held up a finger, "We can go home and change." I smiled. 
"Good idea, my mom would kill me if I got this dirty."
Eli had a change of clothes in his car, and I told him to just change at my house, after all there wasn't really a need for him to go back to his house. By the time we got past the gate and into the driveway I forgot that I was even nervous from the start, this was the kind of things good, close friends did. Still, I wanted to make tonight special so instead of changing back into my normal skate jeans and old shirt I put on a pair of short jean shorts my mom had got me and the black tank top that went with it. When I first got them I refused to wear them, I had been ghost white and not up to anything short and showy. Now that we had warmer days I was glad I didn't take it back, and I started to like it. 
"Hey Missy, wow!" Eli laughed and got off of the counter he was siting on, "I see you picked out a outfit your mom got 'cha?" 
I laughed and punched his arm. "Hey just 'cuz I'm wearing a little more of a girly outfit doesn't mean I've gone soft."
"Suuurreee." Eli ducked away as I went to slap him.
"Yah?" He looked over. 
"Betcha I can get to the car before you!" I smirked.
"Oh hun, you should better then to race a born runner." 
The car ride was short, in fact we could have walked to the ice cream place, still Eli, like any guy, loved to show of his car. It was nice. A Saturn Sky, his grandpa's car. Eli got to use it on weekends. His parents were against giving him a brand new expensive car. I knew when I could drive my parents would be the same, not that I cared much, I had my eyes on a old beat up pick up, it was affordable and trucks had more uses to them. I've heard his parents, as well as mine, say over and over; "Just because you're lucky enough to live in such a  nice town and society dose not mean were going to spoil you rotten." I agreed.
"Um, we might want to turn back." I tilted my head towards the door. Inside was Jordan, Cameron and my other "friends". Each one of them strongly disliked Eli, and they were alot bigger and stronger then the two of us put together. 
"So? It's a free country."
"Great, now you act like the tough kids." I rolled my eyes, "They have it out for you." I've only heard all to well what they wanted to do to Eli. 
"Come on." He unlocked the doors. 
"It will be fine."
But it wasn't fine. As soon as we walked in Jordan tripped Eli, I returned a death glare, Cameron looked at me, confused. He knew I was friends with Eli but he also knew that going against Jordan was a mistake you never wanted to make. 
"Eli should't you be home crying under the covers?"
"F**k off Jordan!" I glared. 
Eli shrugged.
"Missy are you really gonna ditch us for him?" 
"I can have friends in different groups." 
"I asked her to hang out with me, she did not ditch you." Eli's voice was much smoother and gentler then Jordan's.
I looked away from our little group, some of the employees looked worried. 
"Lets at least go outside." I said, flashing my eyes towards the front counter.
I did not like the look in Jordan's eyes, but Eli seemed calm about it.
I just hoped no one would fight, not in public. 

© 2010 UntoldStory

Author's Note

As you can see from the last chapter, this happened on Friday. the weekend, to uneventful to write about, and Monday (today) as well, however tomorrow? I plan on writing then ;)
Please also note, I wont write about everything little thing. Some things I like to keep to myself.
And as this isn't exactly word for word (duh, no ones that skilled) I try to remember conversations, this inst to bad considering I can remember the events easily just not what was said word for word.

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