An Interview with a Criminal

An Interview with a Criminal

A Chapter by Sigyn

The clock read 2:47:09 and it continued ticking away, never stopping, never ceasing. The questioner continued to glance at the time. It was 2am, almost three. The streets were silent below her highrise office. Curfew had ensued many hours before. Still, she was still up, as was her prisoner. He wasn't speaking. He wouldn't say anything. But the questioner knew who the boy was. He had a striking resemblance to his father.


"You're Elias Avery, correct?"




"Son of Michael and Lucille Avery?"




"And you're working for the FWR?"


"Uh huh."


The questioner stared at the boy as if he had lost his marbles. "You're the son of the Leaders of the CM, and you're here, doing undercover work for the WFR?"


The boy raised his eyebrow. He looked about eighteen, maybe nineteen. He was dirty, and scars covered his face. Blood seeped from a cut above his left eye, and one on his neck. He was pacing, and he walked with a limp. He looked like an orphan. Like a runaway. Not the son of the the richest couple alive. No. His hands were bound behind his back, and his wrists were rubbed raw. He looked like a criminal. Hell, Elias Avery was a criminal. He was always going to be. And now, he was going to die a criminal.


"I have to ask why." the questioner muttered, her green eyes flashing. She couldn't figure out if he was going to call Avery a loon, or a genius. The things the boy had done were extraordinary, but so risky. "Why did you do it? You could've had everything! Everything, boy! And you threw it away, to team up with a ragtag group of teens and a bunch of crazy adults? Why, Elias?"


"Don't you dare use my first name." the boy hissed. "You don't deserve to call me that." the boy stopped pacing for a fraction of a second to glare at the woman, before he resumed his gait.


"You must tell me." the questioner whispered. "Take a look at your wounds. You'll be dead within an hour. Two hours max. I must know your story. You and your friends were the mascot for the FWR. You brought the rebellion to life. You were the mastermind of the whole thing. I just don't understand why..."


The boy, Elias, frowned, and turned toward the questioner. She was right, after all. WIthin a couple hours, Elias would be dead. Who would know his story then? No one. No one would know why he joined the Free World Republic while his parents ran the Change Movement. No one would know. The only person he had ever told was Julian, and she was long since dead. No one knew why he did the things he did. No one knew how he, and five other teens started a rebellion Now, he was the only one still living. He had to tell his story, their story to someone.


He glanced down at his questioner's badge. "Well, Officer Black," he said cooly. "It's your lucky day. I'll tell you the story. Our story." and he began to talk into the early morning.


This is the story of six teens who faced the crumbling world in the fight for justice. This is their story of how they fought, how the ran, and how they hid, planning their next rebellious act. This isn't the questioner's story. This isn't Elias Avery's story. This is the story the Free World Republic and the Six Shattered Faces.


© 2011 Sigyn

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Author's Note

This is the shortest chapter eeevveeerr. It's just an intro though. I got the idea for Shattered Faces, yet didn't know what to write. I knew it would be apocalyptic, but I wasn't sure about the characters or the plot even really. So this is just a very very short intro about six teens who grouped together and formed the group known as The Shattered Faces. More will come! The real story starts in the next chapter!

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I liked this! I really do wish it was longer, but as an introduction I guess I'll have to deal with it how it is XD
I like how mysterious this is, and how the questioner is really never spoken of. It's like the character KNOWS she isn't as important as Avery. I like that.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 2, 2011
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A Chapter by Sigyn