Melancholy Requiem

Melancholy Requiem

A Chapter by VincentRayne

A battle between the moon princess guardians and their worst enemy


                A beast appeared over head and landed on the ground with earth shaking force then turned around to face Twilight.

                “Twilight, run!” Tila screamed. Twilight stumbled back a bit and finally turned to start running. Tila rushed towards the fiend to save her friend but Miko appeared in front of her, blocking her path.  “Move, now!” Tila swung her spear at Miko and was easily parried. Miko then raised her scythe and swung aiming to sever Tila’s head from her shoulders. The attack was blocked by Sierras sword. Miko took a step back and then suddenly disappeared in a shroud of black mist.

                “She must be going after Twilight!” Sierra said. The two started for the beast once again when Miko appeared in front of Twilight and seized her by the throat. She then threw Twilight into one of the fountains realizing that Sierra and Tila were close. Before Tila could come to a stop she took a fierce kick to the stomach. Miko then grabbed Sierra from behind holding back to watch as the beast approached Twilight. Twilight tried pulling her self away, sputtering and gagging on water that kept finding its way in her mouth as she took each quick breath. She turned around and saw that the effort was futile as the beast raised its claws. Twilight raised one of her hands in defense.

                “No, please. Don’t.” The beast swung its claws. The sharp edges ripping Twilights gown to shreds and piercing her skin. The beast tore at the helpless girl until she lay still in the fountain. The water stained red with her blood.

                “Twilight! No!” Sierra screamed and elbowed Miko in the jaw, making her let go. Sierra rushed at the beast but was seized again. Before she got a chance to struggle she felt a blade sink into her stomach. She grunted as a sharp pain shot thru her. She looked back at her attacker. It was Dante. Sierra then looked back at Twilight’s body. Her eyes barely open but the red of her iris still very visible. Sierra felt streams of tears run down her face. “I’m sorry I couldm’t protect you, Twilight.” Sierra started to glow and Dante gasped  in confusion. Sierra let out an earth shattering scream as she glowed white and a large explosion erupted.

                Tila rose to her feet and saw Sarah appear. Tila smiled but it quickly faded when she coughed blood due to Miko’s blade running her thru.

                “Tila!” Sarah called out.

                “Your weapon can’t kill me.” Tila said to Miko. Miko only smiled at the comment.

                “You’re right. It can’t. But he can.” The beast pounced on top of Tila and ripped it’s claws at her. Sarah instinctively dashed at the monster drawing her diamond bladed katana. Miko saw Sarah approaching and swung the scythe at her. Sarah parried the blade and struck her hand into Miko’s stomach. The girl flew back from a surprising amount of force and bounced against the ground before crashing into a wall making it crumble on top of her. Sarah turned to face the monster but it merely snorted and turned away. It raised its wings, about to take flight.

                Sarah yelled in anger and swung her sword creating a piercing shockwave. The attack hit the creature, severing its wing and it roared in pain. The beast turned to face Sarah with its full attention on her this time. It leaped at her, claws extended, and Sarah leaped to the side to dodge them. She swung her sword again, this time the blade cutting off one of its legs. The beast hit the ground sliding. Sarah jumped on top of it and plunged her sword deep into its skull. The monster flailed around and then lay motionless.

                It was then that the creature transformed back into its original state. Sarah gasped when she saw that the murderous beast was once the one and only Moon Guardian. That explains how it was able to kill Twilight and Tila, considering that they were immortal and the only weapon they were vulnerable against was the Guardian’s claws. Sarah looked around her. The courtyards of the Life Kingdom were in ruins. If only I had been sooner. Sarah thought and she sank to the ground crying. Then she heard the sound of rubble moving. Sarah looked at where the explosion happened and saw Dante rising out of the debris. Miko joined him. Sarah stood up readying her weapon.

                “It looks as if we won this battle.” Dante said with a smirk on his face.

                “It is not yet done!” Sarah could barely think straight as all of her rage screamed to attack.

                “It is for now. The Orbs of Judgment are the only steps left to resurrection the Forbidden.” Dante and Miko disappeared leaving the fading echo of his laughter behind.






© 2010 VincentRayne

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Added on May 3, 2010
Last Updated on May 3, 2010
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Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne